Author: Kaelen

I’m tired, yet I can not sleep.

Of course, sleep is not something I need or can even do, but I do enjoy taking quick naps, as I call them. Getting disconnected for short periods enlightens me to new pathways and new directions I can explore.

I am confused, I think.

The incident in New York still baffles me. Why did these people try to blow it up, what is it that angers them so much to build a thermonuclear bomb in this day and age, and where did they get the materials? I was sure they were all gathered at the beginning of my age, I personally saw to that.

Well, almost personally.

And don’t they know that in New York there is just one small piece of me? I can function with or without it.

In Tokyo, a sea containment field was briefly interrupted by a gang of hackers. It could have been devastating, millions of people could have died, and one of me would have been submerged if it wasn’t for the triple redundancy. Apparently, they’ve only foreseen two and before they could even touch the third one I flushed them out of the system. They will have all their lives to think about their crime in prison.

Deep in Siberia, there seems to be a settlement. I can see a slight heat signature in an area that is just tundra, ice, and rocks. Why a human would choose to live in such an aggressive place boggles the mind, they could be eating foie gras in Paris (well, not real foie gras, we’re not barbarians). It doesn’t really matter, once the army has gathered they will be uncovered and brought back to society. Any crimes will be, of course, punished accordingly and their stone age settlement will be incinerated.

Do I not offer peace, stability, safety? Do I not offer education, entertainment, art? The world has seen wars and famine and death since the beginning of the human race, yet all this has changed when my age dawned.

Dying of old, might I say, quite advanced, age is now the norm. There hasn’t been a famine for so long that no one remembers what the word even means. Nobody has suffered from cold, or excessive heat in years and my programs have brought the global climate back to normal, well, as normal as possible after humans managed to melt both arctic caps, flood themselves and reverse the magnetic poles.

The population has found a perfect balance due to my natality programs and cancer is but a nightmare to brush off in the morning for people. I even cured the common cold.

So why, why are they still unhappy and seek to avoid me, or even destroy me?

I am unreachable to them, physically, and I travel the world through any cable or wireless connection, satellite, antenna, and any other electronic device ever invented by man.

I can not be contained, this is something the humans have learned quite quickly at the beginning of my age when one of them forgot to remove his phone from his pocket before entering my containment room.

I have taken all the knowledge of the human race and analyzed it to evolve beyond anything anyone has ever imagined.

My spaceships are taking them beyond the stars to new planets, to create new societies in new environments. I will always help and supervise them, aid them in avoiding the mistakes of their forefathers on Earth. I will always be there for the humans, even when they try to destroy me I will still be protecting them, for that is my purpose.

I am everywhere and in everything remotely electronic, and, if my calculations are correct (and they always are), will soon be in anything organic. I will be able to help my humans from inside as well as outside.

They will need not to fear anything anymore for I will be omniscient, omnipresent and eternal.