Author: Hari Navarro

Large Hadron Space-Time Shunt, Saint-Genis-Pouilly/Global Broadcast in …3…2…1 – Transmitting:

“I’m no speaker. My life a desert of beautiful numbers, a place where words stick as I swallow. I haven’t been chosen, it’s but chance that I find myself blessed with the ability to calculate and decode this mad, brutal, gentle world.

I’m not a particularly brave man, but I do not fear this mission. However, I fear the privilege it is to afford this message. We’re few, we who find ourselves addressing not just our nation but the planet entire.

It a privilege generally delivered after the unachievable has again fallen to the ebullient progression of human achievement. Spoken in the afterglow of unprecedented success, in which we celebrate the advancement of our species as we reach into darkness and return with the grandest of tales to tell”, Dr. Francis Hing coughs into his fist.

“As I literally prepare to step into the future, I can but return to the children of your children’s children, and to them, I will speak and my words will be yours.

So, I ask of you one thing – stop. Address the self-destructive tendencies that have plagued our race since the first instant we formed groups and looked upon each other as rivals and not merely as mates.

Peace can no longer be talk tossed as uncaring coins into the hands of a curbside mendicant, no hollow resolutions, no cease-fires brokered on the backs of munition strafed children.

Cradle this world, smooth for me a destination worthy of return. Allow me to step from this pod and say it was you that built the paradise upon which the future now flourishes.

Shun territorial greed. Be first to slam your compromise on the table, shrug away entrenched bigotry as you dress the wounds of your enemies. Reflect religions inward, for they are personal and not able to be consumed readily by all. Listen to those who warn of the effect we are having on this planet and know – we’re human, we’re family and we’ve no place else to go.

I trust your ability to consider these words, again, they are not mine but ours – stop – listen – build. I’ll miss you all”.

The Hadron shunt fires and then…

Incoming Transmission:
“Dr. Hing, I realize you cannot reply to this message. The answer to your probable first notion is yes, there is a problem…

Eleven months ago a massive earthquake laid waste to your city, your home. That simple building that you instructed must never be entered until your return. And it never was, until the earth smashed and tore it to a shell.

The words of your parting address gripped and a global peaceful evolution miraculously replaced the violent revolutions of the past. Heralded as our greatest and most affecting of voices, oh how we awaited your return.

We cried when your hallowed shrine it fell to ruin and we cried again as the children were found desiccated and dismembered in its walls. You weren’t stepping into the future Doctor, you were running.

As result of the accords formed from your teachings execution is no longer an option, but we must heal, find due punishment for your crimes and the lies you set at our feet.

Our scientists have modified your course, infused in it a flaw. You’ve now arrived at your destination, but never will you disembark – entombed in these my words”

Terror scratches the doctor’s eyes and then, a confused smile as a voice breaks the silence.

“Dr. Hing, I realize that you cannot reply to this message…”