Author: David K Scholes

Canberra, Australia 2085

Janelle looked on, in disbelief.

“I recognise some of this stuff,” she said pointing to a collection of head set/self-moulding ear plug combinations. “They look like crude old fashioned noise nullifiers.”
“Also those units,” she pointed to a transparent but shield secured floating weapons rack above our heads, “look like stunner/disablers.”
I nodded. “Some people still like the old style noise nullifiers but nowadays we can put a noise envelope about a small building to protect against noise attack.”

“What are those?” Janelle looked up to an on ceiling storage unit, “they look like the same thing but in different sizes.”
“Cushion impact fields – from personal to small flyer size.”
“And those?” Janelle persisted.
“Molecular re-arrangers – to counter property including robotic damage’” I replied. “Oh they don’t work on flesh and blood people,” I added. “We have another type of re-arranger for that.”

“These are dangerous times for all of us old folks; you must have seen stashes like this before?” I enquired.
“Not quite as extensive as this,” came the reply.

If it helped any, most of my stuff was neatly stacked on anti-grav, transparent, shielded storage units. Units that could be held immovable in stasis or moved with the lightest touch or by anyone with the slightest telekinetic capability.

“Sorry, Janelle, but I have to be on my way.” I started kitting up to confront the urban dangers that started just outside my front door. Or even just below the foundations of my home, or just above my old style chimney for that matter.

The lightweight exo-skeleton assisted, force field protected armour flowed on easily just as I put on the supporting opticals. Opticals that allowed me to see round corners, through walls, and under floors, pavements, and roads. Lighter and tighter than an ordinary pair of sunglasses. I gathered several stunner/disablers to take with me. Even a personal cushion impact unit as back up for my armour’s force field.

“I know this neighbourhood is classified danger level 9 but aren’t you just going a bit over the top with this? Please don’t tell me you’ve got all that stuff on just for a walk down to the local shops?” Janelle was half serious.

I chuckled inwardly. “Don’t be silly, of course not. If I was just going down to the shops I would only take a single stunner/disabler unit. No, I’m joining Tom, Fred and a few others on a senior citizen patrol. A retro thing that we are trying to revive. We hope it will catch on again. We’ll do a slow sweep around the block. Checking the teleportation stations, the under road communities and other dangerous spots.

Most importantly we’ll also check in on the armoured hospice, see that the Fedpolice are doing their job protecting the nursing home, and scatter any feral youthpaks hanging around outside the retirement village.

Janelle whistled, suitably impressed. “Well, you will be busy – careful with those stunners/disablers though. You don’t want to injure any innocents.”
“Don’t worry,” I replied, “they are all calibrated for the under 60’s with a double strength serving for the under 25’s.”

“No danger of friendly fire casualties then,” smiled Janelle, “I like it.”
“Well,” it was her turn to chuckle “I did hear some references to a Dads Army being set up in this neighbourhood but I had no idea you were involved.”

“It looks like you’ll be giving new meaning to the term.”