Author: James A Brown III

“Well, I guess it’s time to head out.”

“Where to?”


Sri tapped some keys behind the bar and read the display, his face glowed a deep reflected red then blue as he worked down the list of ingredients.

“That’s going to be a thousand credits.”

“Sure thing.”

Sri began to mix the blend, bright fluids moved through hoses, and into the glass in front of him.

“What’s there?” Sri asked.


“Really? Got a good shot at it?”

“Yeah. I’m one of the few who can not only speak Zeln, but I’ve got months on a Piccadilly Decruster. The giants are paying massive for someone to help clean them up after an incursion.”


Sri finished the glass, but moved it out of sight as he placed another, and started filling it, his customer not noticing.

“How long is the job?”

“Forever if you want. They have a solid immortality package as well as some pretty sweet enhancements, all paid for. Stick it out for a couple hundred years and you could probably buy a fringe planet outright.”

“Wow. That’s amazing,” said Sri. “Congrats, man. By the way, do you know a Constance on Praelen Sil?”

“I don’t know anyone there. Too crowded. Heard it can take days to get there due to the backup. No cocktail can get around it either.”

“Okay, just wondering. You kind of looked familiar and my implant thought maybe you knew her. Okay, your drink is ready. Best of luck to you.”


Sri’s customer took the drink down in one large gulp.

“Hey, wait a sec. That doesn’t taste like a Grandagar mix. That tastes more like Prae…”

The customer faded away, his scream of frustration fading out before anyone else could hear it. Sri smiled.

“Yeah, sorry man. By the time you pop in at Praelen Sil, I’ll be settled and the giants won’t care about what happened here. Besides, I have years on those Decrusters. I’m more qualified.”

Sri jotted down a notice ending his employment, took off his apron and tossed it on the bar. He downed the drink he had set aside and smiling, set the note on the apron before fading away.