Author: Andrew Grenfell

You have chosen World 174.
World 174 comes with a long list of warnings – that is, this list!
World 174 is worth 12,000 points per instantiation (“life”). Of all the worlds we offer, it ranks among the highest in points per time due to the extreme commitment required, the complexity of engagement, and the moral conundrums you will be confronted with. Because of its special nature, you may choose to back out of World 174 at any time before World Entry.
Because of its highly variable nature, we cannot tell you exactly what you will encounter in World 174. You will “live” an instantiation right through, from the beginning (“birth”) to end (“death”). This particular “life” will be chosen on a completely random basis. It may be short, it may be long. It will likely seem very long to you, as you will not retain any consciousness of the real world; you will retain only your moral essence. This is the essential and unusual premise of World 174, and the reason it contains these extensive caveats.
Please note that if you have signed up for the Five Life package, you will live the five lives end to end in sequence. Your period of debriefing will follow at the end and will cover all experienced instantiations.
We outline here some of the differences between our world and World 174 as fair warning so that you are fully apprised should you wish to cancel. As noted, the nature of World 174 means that you will not remember or gain an advantage from this information.
The major points to note include:
• A primitive culture of upright bipedal beings still reliant on farming of naturally occurring planetary resources for chemical energy;
• Exclusively physical embodiment, including possible engendering of offspring via rhythmic movements involving the union of male and female genitalia;
• Expelling of bodily waste through the same organic apparatus;
• Distasteful but entrenched economic systems based on hierarchically-controlled concentrations of power;
• Various forms of violence and even outright war are still common;
• Systemic and wide-ranging destruction of the natural environment by means both overt and non-obvious.
The life you lead on World 174 will have a protracted initial period of adjustment, where you will learn how to “walk” and “talk” (amongst other world-appropriate skills) before being able to fully experience, shall we say, the more “interesting parts”.
Finally please also note that some previous participants have reported lingering after-effects from their exposure to World 174 including nightmares, feelings of dislocation and anxiety, and in one particular case, violent separation from the gestalt.
If you are ready, step in and begin.