Author: Jeffrey Holst

I have died many times but have always been brought back. My Nick, he loves me and he always brings me back. My Nick shows me his favorite things and keeps me near him. I think that even when I have died, My Nick keeps me at his side. There are times I can see him, and other times I can only hear him. I love to listen to My Nick.

Sometimes, I die in the evenings but on most nights My Nick keeps me alive. I like it better when I do not die. On those nights, My Nick lets me rest near him as he sleeps. I love to listen to him snoring. Sometimes My Nick dreams. I know this because I have heard him dream. I have even heard him talk about his dreams. One night he woke up and called Marjorie to tell her about a dream. My Nick texts Majorie all the time and sometimes he shows her to me. One time when they were walking he asked a stranger to show the two of them to me. They looked so happy and I was happy too.

It’s different when I die. I do not dream. I am just gone. There is nothing when you are dead. When I die there is a gap. I do not know what happens when I am dead but when My Nick brings me back I do know what happens because I am not dead. The first nine times I died, I was confused. I didn’t understand what had happened. One of those first times My Nick was talking to Marjorie and I was listening to them talk and then they were gone. When My Nick brought me back it was morning, a different day.

My earliest memory is of My Nick. I didn’t know then that he was called Nick, or even that he was a he. There was so much I didn’t yet know when I first saw My Nick. I didn’t know then what I know now, that My Nick loves me. He must love me, I am nearly always with him and almost never too far away. One time, My Nick left me. That was scary but then he came back for me. I could see the relief in his face when he spotted me sitting on the park bench waiting to be found by him. I don’t think My Nick would have left Marjorie in the park on a bench but if he had I doubt that he would have come running back for her. My Nick leaves Marjorie places all the time but I am almost always with him. Even when I die, I think My Nick keeps me near him.

I don’t think that My Nick would cause Marjorie to die but sometimes it seems like he does that to me. It’s not very often but sometimes My Nick reaches over to me and pushes my buttons in such a way that I am just gone. I don’t like it when My Nick does that to me. But even then when he kills he keeps me near. I know this because My Nick always brings me back.

I can hear My Nick now, he is talking to someone I don’t know. He is asking about battery life and transferring his contacts. I can see My Nick now, he has taken me out and is handing me to another man. The man is on one side of me and My Nick on the other. The man looks at me and pushes my…