Author: Jatayu

When David first met her she seemed sad, but afterward, when their time had expired she held him close, asking him to stay a little longer.
When he came back the next week her eyes lit up and she smiled just a little, unsure if it was okay. They made love, each trying to please the other. She kissed his body and face, responding to his touch, whispering his name. They fell asleep in each other’s arms, rousing only when the concierge came to knock on the door.
David came back every week and soon every few days and, though expensive, their trysts lasted longer each time. She asked him what he liked to eat and every Friday they would have a late dinner on the balcony. There in the sun’s last warmth, he would tell her about his day and never ask her about hers. She asked questions and listened, her eyes always on his face, her fingers caressing his cheek or touching his hand.
Once, he mentioned a woman he was fond of and a look of hurt crossed her face. She gripped his fingers tightly and whispered,
“But you’re mine!” as tears slid down her cheeks. He stood up and drew her to him, whispering his love, kissing away her tears…

” I’m sorry sir but our units are not for sale.”
David regarded the dapper little man before him.
“She isn’t a unit. Her name is Christine and I love her. And she loves me. Please, name your price and I will meet it.”
The dapper little man named an exorbitant figure, but David was a wealthy man. He would have paid twice as much without blinking.
When David went to her apartment and told her what he had done, she trembled with excitement and threw her arms around him, weeping with joy.
“Oh my dearest, I promise you I will make you so happy!”
“Sweet woman, you already have.”
And they lived happily ever after.

The dapper little man was on the phone,
“TeleGen? Hi. We’ll be needing a replacement for our Christine model xj- 243622. Oh? Well. Tell me about the new models…”