Author: Gorilla Sapiens

“You know, not everyone here, is… mortal?”, she said, as she sat down next to me.

A wedding feast, the ornate cake had been cut, the waitstaff had cleared away the tables, the DJ had played “their song”, the bride and groom had shared the first dance, the dancers now crowded the floor, and I? I…? I rested on a cheap plastic chair, on the sidelines.

“It seems to me then, that more than one of us here, is a god.”, I replied, factually. “Do you watch them, as I do, their brief lives moving in staged progression from birth to death, intersected with periods of love, horror, fascination, sadness, disgust, gladness, despair, enlightenment, and discovery? Or do you think of them as playthings, like the other gods?”, my eyes narrowed, “Take care in your response, it will color my reactions.”

“I think,” she paused, looking up at them… “that they are beautiful.”

And I will never forget her eternal smile, as I rose with purpose for the first time in a thousand years, “PREACHER!”, I roared, “YOU HAVE ANOTHER WEDDING TO PERFORM TONIGHT!”