Author: Terence Wilson

Another name for N.A.S.A. is Never A Straight Answer. When one considers the facts, it fits quite well. Among the inner circle of Star Chamber elites, the true purpose of Explorer is far different from what the history books and fake news would have us believe. In fact, it’s so far out; even the truth seems incredible. But it’s still our tax dollars and work for the black budget projects that could even send E.T. home. Try asking for a straight answer on that, and you’ll never get one.

Star Trek has romanticized space exploration and Star Wars even more so. It’s either space for science or space for war. And that’s the end of discussion. It’s always hard work. From this comes the real reason for, or specifically Explorer. When it was discovered that Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, had zones with a temperate climate capable of sustaining earthly life. And not just the air temperature but water as well with swells, and even a few waves with a curl. Shallow bottoms, warm waters, and atmosphere are perfect conditions for surfing. Exploration requiring the right waves, and not just the right stuff.

True astronauts get beyond orbital space. But for the feel-good inclusive culture, anyone that gets even a smidgen beyond the atmosphere is called an astronaut. This boy was the real McCoy! He earned his wings in war and as a test pilot. He’s a mason, of course, but also a surfer and a nudist. Being a spaceman is hard, grueling work! Aside from that, the space-suit is warm and one tends to sweat profusely. Ergo, as a reward for such hard work comes a raise in pay and a vacation. A holiday on the distant moon of Jupiter named Europa.

When it blasted off the fanfare was global. All social media, smart-phones, radar, and telescopes tracked the ascent. With bated breath earthlings looked skyward or listened. A point of light moving at thousands of miles an hour to escape the pull of the world and accelerating to past 20,000 mph. maybe 17 miles per second, as fast as human thought goes. In minutes the big, blue marble seems so small it could fit into the palm of one’s hand.

The news spoke of the great triumph of science and pushing the boundaries of the human experience. If CNN or FOX News simply said he was going to Europa on holiday to go skinning dipping, imagine the reaction that would’ve brought!

In deep space, it can get quite lonely. If you scream, no one can hear you. Aboard the ship are manufactured amenities to help keep the spaceman sane, and happy. But holograms can only do so much and drugs can impair one’s ability to reason. Video games are okay when it’s a wonderful collaboration of audio and visual, but even those, DVDs, and smartphones reach their dead level. A man sometimes requires more than can be had from the fantasy world to satiate the true needs of his being like going to Europa, taking off the spacesuit, and skinny dipping into one of its warm, turbulent waters. You’d be the first and perhaps the only nude 390.4 million miles away.

The European soil feels good between the toes. Not as radioactive as reported. A few purple swells are seen with waves no higher than two meters. Great for surfing and skinny dipping on Europa.