Author: Nancy Geibe Wasson

My friend first began to disappear back in co-ed youth sports while being chosen for teams. She said she was in attendance and accounted for, abruptly became invisible for five whole minutes, and then wham! She was back, selected to a team, ready to begin playing.

Another friend said it was much later in life when she first disappeared. At the hospital, she, her husband, and the doctor were discussing pregnancy care for her and the baby. Her husband and doctor were talking when she went completely transparent for a whopping fifteen minutes, but then she was magically present again at the end of the appointment.

Today, when we were out shopping, I disappeared while paying for purchases. The salesperson spoke with my older kids as I faded away from existence for four frightening minutes, then suddenly I found myself fully returned, holding the bag.

So far, my friends and I have not disappeared long enough for anyone else to notice, other than ourselves, of course. Although, on walks about town we pass by ‘missing’ and ‘lost’ posters of women and wonder what really happened to those that have gone before us.