Author: Vruti Naik

Dr. Alex Williams sat alone in his laboratory, surrounded by the eerie glow of flickering monitors and the soft hum of machinery. He was lost in thought, his mind consumed by the virus that he had been studying for months.
He had found a cure and the world had breathed a sigh of relief when the disease had been declared eradicated, but the doctor knew the truth. He could feel it in his bones, in the depths of his mind. This was no ordinary virus. It was an alien life form, a being from beyond our world that had come to infect and transform the population.
As he stared at the glowing screen in front of him, he whispered to himself, “Tell me what you really are, I know this isn’t over.”
His colleagues had no idea of the toll his work had taken on him. The sleepless nights, the constant stress, the unrelenting pressure to find a cure had all worn him down. He had become isolated.
He had tried to tell his colleagues, to warn them of the danger, but they had dismissed him as delusional, a victim of his own obsession. They couldn’t see what he saw, couldn’t feel the pulsing energy emanating from the virus. It was alive, conscious, and it was spreading.
The doctor knew that he was running out of time. He could feel the virus infecting his own mind, twisting his thoughts and emotions into something he didn’t recognize. He had become a vessel for the alien, a conduit for its power.
As he sat alone in the laboratory, he felt the transformation taking hold. His skin crawled with a strange energy, his eyes glowed with an otherworldly light. He knew that he was no longer just a human, but a host for the alien’s consciousness.
He thought back to the day he had first encountered the virus, how it had seemed so innocuous, so simple. But now he knew the truth. It was a harbinger of something greater, a sign of the coming invasion.
The doctor was finally gone all that remained was a weapon, a conduit for the alien’s power. He would become the harbinger of the invasion, the herald of a new age.