Author: David Broz

There is plenty of time to think out in space, in the middle of nowhere, just me and the dark and the pinpricks of the stars.

And I think about how I miss you. I want to ask you, do you ever think of me?

My mind is wandering.

What if I was given just one wish? Anything I wanted, it would be mine. Anything at all. My mind wanders.

Of everything I could possibly have, I have everything I need. Maybe there are a few things I’ve had and lost, but do I need them again? I really don’t need anything else at all.

But you, you’re still searching for something.

My mind wanders. A moment of peace and truth and timelessness and love and all of the universe washes over and through me. I become one.

I would wish for your happiness, that you would find whatever you are looking for, and that you would have the time to enjoy it. But would that be two wishes? Happiness and time?

My mind wanders.

A star twinkles and I make my wish.

I hope you have time to enjoy it, because space genies sometimes run late.