Author: Jordan Mcclymont

The last remaining light of the star dwindled, right about the time the slow motion drugs kicked in.

For a time, I forget the star and lay belly down, smelling the flowers for several of your lifetimes.

Then, the heavens ignited and I was thankful my nano-processors could register the varying frequencies of gamma radiation oozing my way.

I’ve seen images of your Northern Lights on Earth, but this, the universe exploded outward and I tell you, these drugs are wasted on humans.

My artificial pain dampeners work impressively fast. I was on fire for what felt like forever. Then, I watched my hand melt away and finally my consciousness was downloaded here to convince you I’m still fit for active duty.

But we both know that’s not the case, don’t we?

The service engineer’s mouth hung open, their finger hovering over RECYCLE. ‘So,’ they said, ‘where can I score some of this, slow-mo?’