Author: Jordan McClymont

He didn’t even hear the man slip into his home. Six foot tall, ring glasses and seemingly invisible to all security sensors.

“You should be asleep,” the man said, turning to the bedroom.

“Wait, I-”

The man’s expression told him he had seconds.

“This, it’s tearing me apart,’ it was a struggle to look at his own warped reflection in those glasses, “she’s not been the same since the first time. I was hoping that while you’re here, you could make me forget that I ever made her forget.”

“You understand, I’d be doing myself out of business?”

“I’ll pay extra. Anything, please.”

The man nodded and began the procedure.

Unknown to him, his wife kept a diary. She asked, “are you drugging me, is that it?”

He called her crazy.

When he returned home the next day, she was gone and to this day he has no idea why.