Julian Miles

Julian Miles has long suspected that all is not right with the world. That cynical eye and outlook colours his humour and underpins many of his stories. A lifetime of rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal combined with the soul of a hopeless romantic, plus an interesting journey so far, have resulted in him becoming a multi-genre writer with over forty books published (as of Summer 2022).

He’s lived in the southern UK for over fifty years, worked everywhere from loading bay to boardroom, and strives to be a gentleman in a world of the gauche and the immediately gratified.

Keep an eye on his website lothp.org to find out what he’s up to.

Read Julian’s Stories

Julian’s publications include:

Exiled Flame – a tale about angels, bodysnatching, criminal investigation, demons, goddesses, hacking, loyalty, and magic in a cyberpunk future.

The Borsen Incursion – a centuries-spanning space war saga told in short and flash fiction.

Databane – a neo-cyberpunk action thriller.

The Last Chip from Greenwich – a cyberpunk mystery thriller.


Visions of the Future – his annual flash and short fiction science fantasy anthology series (which includes most of his stories that have featured on 365 tomorrows). There are also omnibus collections of tales from the out-of-print earlier volumes, and novella-sized themed collections.

Fire in Mind – a magical/pagan fantasy anthology.

A Place in the Dark – a vampire horror novel.

Stars of Black – a weird horror collection inspired by the original King in Yellow.