33 million or One?

Author: Arkapravo Bhaumik

“ … according to them, GOD was a superior being who cared for their well being and could undo their wrong-doings. Most of their morality was related to GOD. They often gathered together to lyrically speak about GOD and bestowed GOD with offerings of jewelry and sweetmeats, in the belief that doing so will lead to GOD, in turn, doing good for them.”

“Really! They must have come across the Restfawts at the Brown Oval Nebula, their sheer size would have overwhelmed them.”

“No …”

“… then, it has to be the Yiggsets at the vicinity of that large red star, what is its name?”

“No, GOD was a hypothetical concept. It was an attempt to calm their own anxiety to their lack of security. A sense of feel-good that a certain higher intelligence is always caring for you. GOD, never existed in reality.”

“So, a make-belief … a gimmick”

“That is not exactly how they would wish to put it across. Some of them thought that there are as many as 33 million GODs. One for the star of their star system, one for land, one for growing plants, one for controlling the water cycle … so on.”

“33 million, that is a huge number for a hypothetical conception.”

“Some disagreed with that figure, many of those who disagreed thought that there is just one GOD.”

“One, and not 33 million!”

“Yes! One, and this GOD sent in his son to help the people of that blue planet”

“I see, so there is some reality to all of this. There is a child whose parents are deemed to be GOD.”

“No, No, No … it is not like that. You seem to have related this to the hierarchical organization of the Jizambods and the Jizambots in the lower Gemini constellation. This child had a magical birth – not through any parent.”

“So, a child born with magic. What happened next?”

“They killed this child. And, then for the next few thousand years repented doing so.”

“What! … they are fools, raving lunatics.”

“There was still one more group which considered GOD to be omnipresent, a super awing entity present in everything and everywhere.”

“Good, so a convergence of these three ideas?”

“Not really! These three groups were at odds with each other and such differences led to war.”

“WAR! As in killing each other? To resolve a hypothetical concept? Which again is a make-belief to overcome their sense of insecurity. They were worse than raving lunatics.”

“We are documenting the history of a culture eons ago, we will never be able to understand them completely.”

“So, after war … what happened next?”

“No, not much … after a devastating war, one side won. But, by that time they had dwindled their planet of its natural resources and deteriorated their atmosphere and other life-supporting systems of their planet, and the universe soon closed their chapter.”

“Hmmm …”

“Yes, so it seems.”

“I am not sure how we should document them. However well and conceptually correct we write about these entities of the blue planet, the readers will find it as a poorly put joke. Do we really need to document such a ridiculous civilization?”

“You will have to take it up with the high counselor, and his aides”

“Well! … let me see … 33 million or one, quite a story!”


  1. SimonJM

    In the great scheme of things I think “mostly harmless” still is about right 😉

  2. Hari Navarro

    I seriously like what you did here. In my opinion, the beauty of great fiction is when it is based in such tangible truths as these. Theology is such a divisive topic to tackle, but I think its big enough and more than powerful enough to take the heat. An excellent addition to your 365 tomorrows canon, Arkapravo.

    • Arkapravo

      Thank you Hari … and may 33 million GODs pardon me for this misdemeanor 😀

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