Roi R. Czechvala

Roi R. Czechvala hails from Tyler Texas. He attended the University of Texas where he received two B.S. degrees. He found his education to be virtually worthless on the job market and ended up pursuing a career in the military, serving in both the USMC, and the Army.

On a spring evening in 1975, Roi’s father warped the young lad’s mind by taking him to a viewing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. He never recovered.

At about the same time, young Roi plundered his fathers book collection. After a careful study of Playboy centrefolds (Miss September `74 is still indelibly etched in his mind), he discovered the works of Norton, Heinlein, Bradbury, and Hemingway.

In person Roi more closely resembles a character out of a Zane Grey novel than a sci-fi fan. An as yet unrealized lifetime goal is to attend a sci fi convention and soundly beat anyone caught speaking “Klingon“.

Roi currently writes humour, satire, science fiction and westerns. In his spare time he enjoys camping, fishing, hunting and, whenever possible, beating mimes to death with an olive loaf.