Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Phyx crossed the street at the East end of the bridge, the soft neon glow of the street vendor drawing him in out of the evening drizzle. As he stepped under the shelter of the umbrella, implants stimulated muscles and patches of tensile fabric beneath his hairline, pulling the […]


Author : Chelsea Peloquin I wasn’t always this way, you know. It happened a long time ago, yeah, but I wasn’t always invisible. I don’t know exactly when it happened. I just know that one day I realized that there were no more calls on my phone, no more voicemails or emails or snail mails, […]

Four Minutes

Author : Christopher Albanese With her eye pressed to the inside of the window and his eye pressed to the out, their lashes navigate the viscous silicate surface of the glass. Somewhere inside, they twine. The same happens at each of their fingertips — ten hers and ten his press to the window, hers on […]


Author : Duncan Shields , Featured Writer I wake up from a dream about bookshelves and the answers to life. The sheets are damp with sweat and tangled around me. I sit up and look around at my dark room, allowing my eyes to adjust. The stars twinkle outside my living quarters window. I’m one […]


Author : CK “Synaptic couplers disengaged.” Andrei Milosovic sat up in the recliner, gingerly rubbing the back of his neck. He glanced at the control room window; his colleague there beckoned him up. The Institute had paid for the nanosurgery and training- all so that one of the country’s most promising minds could be one […]


Author : S. Clough aka ‘Hrekka’ “Excuse me, umm…” “Can I help?” Roisin responded pleasantly, turning to see who had addressed her. “My name’s Gillian…I’m looking for someone who could courier something for me…do you know…?” Gillian’s question tailed off. She had never been able to approach strangers with any degree of confidence. Roisin hadn’t […]


Author : Duncan Shields , Featured Writer I’m a human channel changer for reality. I invented the device. I’m testing it on myself. I had my medibot install the absurdly simple wave generator in my cortex. If I concentrate in a certain way and jump at just at the right time, I land in a […]


Author : Beth Boyle It was hot. It was always hot. There was no escaping it and there hadn’t been for hundreds of years. There was only the unyielding, unbearable sun and the empty horizon wavering like seasickness before her. Not that seasickness was really an issue anymore. Where she was walking had once been […]


Author : TJMoore Conrad latched his helmet and checked his seals. The adrenaline was pouring into his system as he fidgeted in line with the others waiting for the lock to cycle. He was about to face his first battle against the ice marauders. Academy had been the hardest six weeks he’d ever endured, but […]


Author : Duncan Shields , Featured Writer Artificial Intelligence. We sure screwed that one up. It was the holy grail of programmers for decades. From Turing up to Schellman and finally that bastard Candona. Candona found that humans get a sense of satisfaction from a job well done. This was the basis of making his […]

Mirror Girl

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer She had a feeling when he’d pulled up that this wasn’t going to be like every other night, and experience told these feelings were seldom wrong.  The car rumbled at the curb as he eyed her up and motioned her inside. “Hundred an hour” she intoned through the open window. […]


Author : Kyle French Jeff stared: Surrounded by the usual crusty slop of a school nurse’s office was a fish tank, populated with 3-inch poodles, their gray-green hair wafting in the water. The nurse laughed. “Soto’s poodles. Gotta love ‘em. Those Bolivians did some crazy things before the war, didn’t they?” She leaned in conspiratorially. […]

Phantom Limb Syndrome

Author : Joshua Reynolds My brain burns with electric fire. Numbers cascade across the surface of my mind, one after the other. Geometric progression, X+Y=XY. Numbers are the language of heaven, or so they tell me. They replaced my gray matter with plastic parts and curling, multi-colored wires, tossing organic muscle in favor of synthetic. […]

Run and Hide

Author : Duncan Shields , Featured Writer They say that there not very many places left on Earth to hide. People who say that have never been to the jungles of South America or the plains of Australia or the slums of Norway. There are thousands of places left on Earth to hide. There are […]

The Griffin Maneuver

Author : Patricia Stewart “It’s called the Griffin Maneuver, and it’s going to make me famous,” said Stacy Griffin, a third year Earth Force Cadet. Her classmate at Jupiter Station, Marcus Rider, looked at her with dubious eyes, and a smirk that he knew would irritate her to no end. “Look,” she said, “say you’re […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer “What the hell you got there Jeb?”  The man spat into the dirt and jerked a thumb towards Jeb’s pickup truck.  A hairless mass of ribbed muscle was lashed across the hood, two thick legs splayed out over each of the fenders. “What is it? Dead, that’s what it is Lou. […]


Author : TJMoore Ron relaxed and watched the drifting stars. The Do’s and Don’ts of Deep Space Hyper-drive Repair, that’s what he would call his book. Maybe he should record it into his suit for posterity. He’d already gone through the checklist and found the step that killed him. It was that last airlock hatch. […]

365tomorrows – ‘Site of the Week’ on SciFi Weekly

Ken Newquist at has a very nice review of 365tomorrows, having selected us as his Site of the Week .


Author : Duncan Shields , Featured Writer In small German-occupied towns during WWII, if a local woman had a German soldier boyfriend during the occupation, she was hung when the war was over. People who had been seen talking to Germans and helping them had their heads shaved in the town square or some other […]

Unconventional Warfare

Author : Sarah Klein General Elias Knox sat staring at the paperwork at his desk, utterly confounded. “Would you care to explain what happened, lieutenant?” The lieutenant swallowed nervously, trying not to tremble noticeably. “Sir, we dropped the conventional bombs yesterday at 2100 hours. There was noticeable destruction of building structures, but we saw no […]

Calling All Volunteers

Author : J. S. Kachelries I couldn’t get to NASA’s Office of Human Capital Management fast enough. The e-flyer said they were looking for 1000 healthy individuals, between the ages of 21 and 32, that would be willing to participate in the first manned colonization mission to a planet in the Scorpii system. According to […]

Sotto Voce

Author : Duncan Shields , Featured Writer The universal translator she wore around her neck always told me how she felt. When she sighed a series of clicks into my hair as my hands brushed the blue skin in between her 2nd and 3rd sets of arms, it was the translator that said, “Oh, I […]


Author : Kenny R. Brown Our research ship; the Threshold, hovered about 800,000 kilometers from the event horizon. We could’ve taken better readings by moving closer, but then even the most powerful engines ever designed wouldn’t have been able to hold us back from the intense pull of gravity generated by our test subject. Though […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Jack smiled across the card table, and the newly bankrupt old man glared back with open hatred. Jack busied himself stuffing his winnings into his cavernous coat as the coin was collected by the dealer, counted, and after the house tax paid, credited to one of Jack’s many account […]

Market Special

Author : TJMoore The butcher brought his cleaver down with a meaty “THUNK” and scraped another festipods head into the waste bin. He hung the shimmering body on a hook in line with a dozen or so just like it and grabbed another from the pile. “These are as fresh as they get.” He advertised […]


Author : Duncan Shields , Featured Writer It was the numbers tattooed on the backs of their necks that always got me. Why couldn’t they have them in a more obvious place? Halfway through a conversation with them, I’d still be trying to catch a glimpse of their tattoos in reflective surfaces or craning my […]

Oak Island

Author : Alasdair Stuart The last morning, we gathered on the beach. Someone made the inevitable Nevil Shute joke and too many people laughed. The noise was braying, desperate and I moved away from it, worried, somehow that I might get some on me. ‘Leigh?’ Vanya was heading towards me, his bald head gleaming against […]


Author : Josh Romond The neurosurgical tech Andrew Asher clutched his overcoat tight over his scrubs and tried to concentrate on the National Guardsman eying him across the barricade. Overhead the city’s kilometer-long support pylons reverberated like infernal gongs, torqued by the psychic eruption. Columns of refugees spilled around the dirty plastic barrier propelled by […]

April Featured Writer, 365flyers

Continuing with our monthly feature, we’ve got three top notch writers to spotlight starting this month and continuing through May and June. You’ll remember we began featuring writers last October with Duncan Shields. His work was so well received, and he’s just so damn prolific, we decided to feature him again in April. I’m sure […]

Dock Worker

Author : Duncan Shields I am a dock worker. I have an embarrassing case of Stalactiform Blister Rust forming on the backs of my support pistons. I still have the brute strength needed to perform the heavy lifting needed in my job but I am becoming obsolete. I’ve had a longer shot at being functional […]


Author : Catherine Preddle “What the hell happened out there, Corporal?” “General… General Dalton, Sir…” The young soldier stammered in surprise and tried to sit up at the same time. “Easy, son. Lie back down.” Christ, the General thought to himself, this boy was young enough to be his grandson. He shot a worried glance […]

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"Flash fiction is fiction with its teeth bared and its claws extended, lithe and muscular with no extra fat. It pounces in the first paragraph, and if those claws aren’t embedded in the reader by the start of the second, the story began a paragraph too soon. There is no margin for error. Every word must be essential, and if it isn’t essential, it must be eliminated."

Kathy Kachelries, Founding Member