What’s in a Name?

Author : Helstrom Paydirt rolled deftly away from the asteroid we’d hid her behind and launched a volley across the Wayfarer’s bow. Some junior officer now had the task of rushing the captain out of his cabin. It was exactly those few minutes we used to put all the dominoes in place. By the time […]

Mister Experience

Author : Ross Baxter The ducting was tighter than expected, and full of choking dust and accumulated detritus. Filth caked my uniform, the billowing clouds of dirt coating the inside of my mouth and making my eyes stream. But I was nearly there. I struggled forwards to the mesh vent to lever it open and […]


Author : Ian Rennie Richard reached for the jug of water on the coffee table and stopped, face caught between a frown and a smile. He sat back in his chair and spoke to the couple. “Mrs Lyell, Patricia, you were saying that Thomas had been distant lately.” The woman on the couch glanced at […]

Pan-dimensional Bacon

Author : Samuel Evrard “Oh. Fuck.” As the blinding light of the teleporter dimmed, Sarin knew she was in trouble. There were a dozen pig faced man-creatures wielding crude clubs in front of her, crowded around a small fire where something was being roasted. She had interrupted their dinner, and they didn’t look happy about […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Tanya rested her head on the table sideways, watching the needle slip through the flesh in the crook of her elbow. Dr. Tetler attached a line and hung a clear bag on the I.V. stand beside her. “We’ll let the saline run for a minute before we proceed.” The […]

The Centennialists

Author : Steven Holland Their time was up – 100 years had past. Fourteen vitrified bodies began the slow warming process. The cryoprotectants that had saved their bodies from the ravages of water’s freezing expansion were slowly pumped out, replaced with fresh blood. The centennial slumber was over. One week later the fourteen men met […]

Sometimes We Wake Up Alone

Author : Steven Odhner I can’t stop staring at the massive crater, watching the clouds of dust that blow out past its rim before curling down into the bowl and dissipating. For the hundredth time I wonder why the crater hasn’t filled up with water; maybe it just doesn’t rain anymore. I always forget to […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The tattoos writhed. The tattoos strobed through creatures and colours in time to the music and the backbeat of her heart. They’d flash up in blues and purples, mapping out her internal organs before slashing to a zoom-in of Hercules battling the Hydras across the bladed bones of her […]

Aftermath of the Fountain of Youth

Author : Lliir Mary Ellen Gratcke had never contemplated murder before. She’d never felt so betrayed, helpless, and naked before, either. A mere thought, a flip of a switch, and the killing began. The fluid levels in the special bath that protected her betrayer from the dangers of hyperspace flight ebbed, then began plunging. 98% […]

The First Superluminal Data Stream

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer “You know, Cyrus, you can’t violate the law of causality. Even a freshman Liberal Arts major understands Feinberg’s reinterpretation principle. I swear, if I’ve lugged this receiver out here for nothing, I’m going to kick your ass when I get back to Earth. Over.” Byran unstrapped himself from the […]

The Future Was What We Made It

Author : Adam Zabell Commander Deborah Sagmeiser began the ‘big reveal’ of Project Beta. This briefing used to be a formality which celebrated the human race. She looked across the table at a bespectacled middle-aged man, brought into the fold against her better judgement, and wondered how much room for celebration was left. “Time and […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Thirty two years. He’d lost count of the number of homicides. A Detective for twenty one of those years, John Barrick wished he knew how good he’d had it as a beat cop. There was no going back now. John opened the back door of his cruiser. Reaching in, […]

Malfunction Onboard the Rosetta

Author : Jamison B. Medcalf Technical officer Jones had had his first job at 12 during the 2127 crash following the Antarctic War. Those were simpler times when perma-jacks that fed the Internet into your brain were less common. Nowadays only those aboard colony ships got sleep. Deep frozen sleep for years in the void […]

Hanging Around

Author : Q. B. Fox At night, when everything’s finally fallen quiet, the terraces sing; or maybe moan, I’m not sure which. The water where it laps over the first floor windowsills seems calm, except when a boat stirs it up. But deep underwater, by the front steps and in the old basement flats, Gary […]

The UESS Hermes

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer, and Steven Odhner The crew took their positions in Earth’s first faster than light spaceship, The UESS Hermes, named for the Greek god of flight. Its maiden voyage was planned to be a short three light-minute jump from the Naval Construction Station orbiting the Earth to the Space-Dock on […]

The Last Time

Author : Thomas Desrochers There was a warm glow as the Core began to wake up, followed by a spiraling light that worked its way around the room. After a moment a thousand pairs of eyes opened, and a thousand magnetic locks released. Like a routine play nine hundred and ninety eight spindly human figures […]

Blind Invaders

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The soundwaves are so short that they actually shatter meat. Bones shudder but remain intact. Cloth turns to ash. Skin goes translucent and turns into a fragile carapace that break like ice on a puddle. Then gravity takes over. When people get hit by the invaders, it’s not pretty. […]

Grey Matter

Author : Peter Lavelle ‘I think it looks just wonderful on the mantelpiece, don’t you?’ Mrs. Smithey asked cheerfully. Mrs. Everett leisurely stirred the contents of her teacup. The tinkling of the spoon against the fine china was an eerie peal that unsettled the very furniture of the front room. She gave a final decisive […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer The orbiter had touched down at Vandenberg, and Lewis and a dozen others had flown cargo the thirty minutes to San Francisco airport. They trudged in from the tarmac in loose formation out of habit, unprepared for the crowds in the terminal. The debriefing team had talked about friction, […]

P is for…

Author : Steven Odhner Ah, Mr. Knight! Thank you for coming, sir. Doctor Dave Ewing is going to be calling you at some point to tender his resignation, and – oh, has he? Well, after this meeting you’ll want to call him and get him back, tell him the charges are dropped – hopefully before […]


Author : Brian Armitage The field sputtered light, a cloud of particles flashing in waves and sparkles. Edward was surprised, and a little disturbed, at how bright and colorful it was. He looked over at Sandra, the company liaison, with her carefully neutral expression. “How, uh, long does it usually…” And his breath stopped when […]


Author : Steven Odhner I’m staring at the clock. Just staring at it, waiting for it to tick off a minute at which point I will have exactly one hour left of this hell. My brother the crazy artist says I’m not living my life. He says that I’ve sold my soul. If he knew […]

The Long Journey Home

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer “Are you telling me a spaceship really did crash in Roswell in 1947?” asked Dr. Ambien as he panned the badly damaged spaceship that had been laid out in the spacious hangar. “Yes, Doctor. The spaceship contained three aliens, but they all died in the crash. However, there was […]

Unimagined Fears

Author : M. Tyler Gillett We should have known it was a foolish hope. None of us knew each other, but we recognized each other as members of the same faith. We had all signed up with various cryonics companies, preserving our bodies – or more often, just our post-mortem, surgically-severed heads – after we […]

Prima Notte

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer Aside from the “more-arms-than-us” thing and the blue colour of their skin, they weren’t as alien as they could have been. They didn’t look like insects or floating blobs, for instance. At first contact, we all conceitedly thought it just chance that they looked somewhat human. I mean, we’re […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Tucker went through the drills with the rest of the squad in a state of meditative indifference. It took focused effort to keep his mech and chem systems in check while still performing well enough to earn one of the dozen seats on the Mars shuttle. These freelance lifts […]

The End

Author : Todd Hammrich I never thought I’d live to see The End. In fact, the way I figured it, no one should see The End, I mean, that’s why it’s called The End, there is nothing after that, and certainly no one to see it. And yet, here I was. Floating gently in the […]

Dead Men Died For Your Freedom

Author : Lillian Cohen-Moore I died for this country. Then.. …I came back. Mock me all you want. Say, no, what I mean to say is, “I would have died for this country.” Or, “I nearly died for this country.” You weren’t there, were you? With the grit in your eyes and the suns streaming […]

The Amazing Transported Man

Author : David Bradshaw I always believed that magic was simply what science had yet to explain or tame. When Ashford’s empty frame crashed to the ground, the wild forces at work became far more significant. “It’s going to be one of mankind’s defining moments!” Ashford ranted in the bunker’s cafeteria earlier that day, “And […]

Morning Rounds

Author : Gavin Raine When he entered the room, Olivia was sitting on the edge of her bed and looking out of the window. He allowed the door to close noisily behind him and waited to see if she would notice, but it was hopeless. She was looking at the gardens without seeing them. The […]

Close Encounters

Author : Stephen Graham Jones It came like a Buick from the sky but it was on fire or close enough, hot anyway, blistering white and maybe even velour in places, its rocket engine disturbing the neighborhood at a molecular level, at an emotional level, the individual blades of grass in the lawns rubbernecking it […]

I’ve Seen Things…

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