Going Up

Author : Helstrom Lousy food, filthy lodging, and a loan to pay for my trip up the skyhook. It was a bad deal by any standard, but I’d taken it. If you were born on a Venus colony, there were only three places to go: down into the atmosphere, up to the space stations, or […]


Author : Q. B. Fox It was bright, cold morning in late November when I pulled up to the high security gates at the Ministry of Defence’s Secure Facility for the Mentally Disabled at Rampton. The gate guard greeted me formally and took my name. An orderly met me in the atrium, but he was […]


Author : Lillian Cohen-Moore “My Uncle had a theory.” Jennifer’s low, soft twang cuts into my ability to sleep. I understand the nervous babble. She’s a first timer up here, and it’s hard to deal with. There isn’t a single window in our compartment, so I open my eyes to view her under the soft […]

Second Chances

Author : K Clarke I stagger a little on the way up the front steps, catching myself against the rail where I stay for a moment, clinging like a seahorse to a piece of kelp. Fighting against the currents of nausea that threaten to sweep me away. The weak light from the newly risen sun […]

The Jump

Author : Nathan Andrew Blaisdell Jae fingered the seams of her spacesuit nervously. She was having second thoughts, but it was too late to go back now. The other jumpers started moving, getting in line. The countdown timer on the wall got closer to zero. Was it just her or was time speeding up? Is […]

Evan is a Perfect Name

Author : Loree McDonald He stood in the exact center of the house. There were three clocks on each of the four walls. He had set them up perfectly to tick at the same time and then tock at the same time. He counted the four seconds on each clock, when the fifth second came […]

Laredo’s Tugship

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Laredo’s tugship was idling peacefully in geosynchronous orbit. Laredo was ten screens from the end of Asimov’s Second Foundation when the LSC alarm sounded, followed by a vocal transmission. “Code 13, Sector E180D500.” In one fluid motion, Laredo brought the main engines online and activated the comm system. “This […]

Selachimorpha da Spazio

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Captain Broahm hadn’t been asleep nearly long enough when he was dumped unceremoniously from his bunk onto the floor. Cursing, he’d barely gotten his bearings before the ship righted itself, tossing him backwards into the bulkhead, sending a blinding flash of lightning through his already aching head. His left […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer It’s been said that if you give a room full of monkeys a room full of typewriters, they will eventually type up a Shakespeare play given enough time. As a philosophical exercise, there is a point to the premise. However, there are a number of factors that make it […]

Life As A Drone

Author : Liz Lafferty Wake up. Make coffee. Go to work. Eat. Sleep. Wake up. Make coffee. Go to work. Eat. Sleep. # “What’s wrong?” “I don’t know. It’s the worker program jamming up again.” I frowned at the array of code for that particular program. The pattern had changed over time. The wild fluctuations […]


Author : Jacqueline Brasfield I was 18 years old when they’d captured the first howlers. Mom and I stayed up to see the first footage of them flash across the TV screen on the 11 O’clock news, blurry images of hollow-eyed men and women wearing orange jumpsuits, their arms hanging limply and obediently at their […]


Author : Chris Deal It’s the only story the news is talking about today: twenty years since the fall, since the wall came down. My boy asked me if I remembered it, where was I when I heard it had come down. Told him I was right where he was, asking my father what it […]

Heavens Above

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer The radiation levels following the Great Holy War of the twenty third century made living on the surface of the Earth impossible. Consequently, humanity moved underground. After millennia of self-sufficient, artificial environments, humanity lost all ties to the surface. Eventually, the sum on the “known universe” consisted of 50,000 […]

It’s Complicated

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The way my race has sex has made me a natural choice for the role of diplomat, lawyer and event organizer at an interplanetary level. Our planet adapted to overcrowding by creating new sexes. We have seventeen now. It seems to be holding steady there. Myself, I’m a tertiary […]

Flight of the Crimson Dawn

Author : Roi R. Czechvala: Staff Writer The Crimson Dawn hung in geosynch above the besieged planet. Far out of reach of the meager defenses the primitive populous threw at them. “Skipper, another salvo is being launched.” Captain Dimitri Sardukar gave a bored sigh; “Viewer.” The bridge of the ship dissolved and the captain and […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Nick inhaled on his cigarette until the glowing ember reached the filter, then flicked it absently out the driver’s window. His younger brother James sat upright and fidgeting beside him, eyes wide trying to look at everything at once. “Two hundred and forty meters. Turn left. Two twenty. Left.” […]

Pied Piper

Author : Kathy Kachelries, Staff Writer There are two things I hate about a job like this: Carrie, and the viewer-at-home. That’s not true.  There are dozens of things I hate: network executives, directors, producers, footage editors with their nasally little ‘we could have used a little better resolution here. ”  I hate pretty much […]


Author : Petter Skult “How was the game?” Ann asked as Jeremy crawled through the hatch. She had to wait with the answer until he had pushed it close, metal screaming. “It was awesome!” He replied breathlessly, as he threw his bag off his shoulders and went directly for his cot to change clothes. “Jenny […]

Machine Monastery

Author : Credentiality Cynthia was reluctant when it came time to leave the Machine Monastery. Nobody had predicted that machines would be Buddhists. Crazed killers, perhaps. Indifferent to humanity, perhaps. Cold calculators, almost certainly. She had learned the tactile pleasures of sanding the walnut sides of an imperfect jewelry box she had made herself with […]

The Second and a Half Law of Thermodynamics

Author : William Garnett The day the universe stopped expanding was the same day all the traffic lights failed to turn. But it wasn’t just the traffic lights. Cars didn’t start. Dogs didn’t bark. Radios were silent. Microwaves paused. Automatic drive-thru teller machines didn’t take cards and didn’t dispense any money. Nothing moved. All was […]


Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer and J. S. Kachelries “Command and Control says that we will not be permitted to land,” stated Taylor O’Leary, the pilot of the return module. Despite knowing that O’Leary wasn’t responsible for the decision, Jonathan Hartwell argued, “They can’t do that. The alien spores are dead. They can only […]


Author : Bryant Pocock “Dammit,” grunted Sam as the wrench slipped and he lost his grip, drifting slowly away from the mining craft. “Now I’m really in deep shit.” Mentally running through his options, the panicked miner came up with nothing. The battered and stinking p-suit never came with a long-distance radio, so that was […]

The Barate

Author : Daniel Fuhr The haze of smoke lingered over the sharp nose and into aged eyes. Smoking on spacecraft was strictly forbidden according to regulations. Jascon owned this tugboat; he made his own rules and could give a damn about those regulations. He squinted to try to see through the smoke covering his eyes. […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I woke up with pain in my head and a shrieking in my ears. All I could hear was this horrible sound ringing around in my head. It was like car tires and screeching baboons and fire alarms all mixed together. A migraine pounded through my skull. I stood […]

In HIS Name…

Author : Roi R. Czechvala, Staff Writer Put on the armour of God… to stand firm against the tactics of evil. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, the Word of GOD. from Ephesians 6:13-17 “In the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.” With his […]

Get off my lawn, robot!

Author : Patrick Kennedy “Mom, there’s something in the front yard!” “What is it, Billy?” “A robot, Mom! What’s a robot doing in our yard?” “I don’t know, Billy. It must have gotten past the fence somehow.” “But I thought the fence was supposed to keep them out!” “It is, Billy. So let’s go see […]

Hold on to something

Author : V.L.Ilian “Hogwash! There was a mathematical proof the sound barrier could not be broken even tough they were breaking it with cannons in Newton’s time! There was a mathematical proof the light barrier could not be broken even tough they were breaking it in Einstein’s time!” “Yes… but that’s different.” The senior researcher […]

Can’t You Find Anything Up There?

Author : Sean Monaghan Sid smiled as Alex handed him the separation results. One more test and they could announce. They’d known all along of course, since the first samples, but Mars Twelve operated on a government testing regime. No disclosure until verified. Too often the communities broadcast just to get the jump on other […]


Author : Liz Lafferty “Tell me the story again, Grandpa. Did we really have automatic lights? And could you really talk to someone on the other side of the planet?” I laughed. We huddled by the fires every night, the children always wanting to hear one of my fantastic stories of the old days. I […]

Going for Gold

Author : Paul Starkey The athlete sat before me took a while to speak. At first he just sobbed. It’s a common enough reaction; I see it in many of those referred to me. A combination of fear and guilt, with a spoonful of self loathing mixed in. As was often the case he started […]


Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Vladislava Demidov and Pierre Rousseau were Space Traffic Controllers for the Alpha Centauri Tri-System. They were half way through their shift when their long range sensors picked up an unidentified ship approaching from the direction of Earth. “We’re being hailed,” reported Rousseau. “The ship is called the CS Cornucopia. […]

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