I Watched the Stars

Author : Roi R. Czechvala, Staff Writer I laid back and watched the stars. Occasionally a meteor would streak across the sky momentarily lowering my night vision capabilities, but they were still beautiful in their own way. I closed my eyes… “Shit,… INCOMING.” The first shells to rain down were sounding shots. Ranging fire. The […]

Research Science

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer “Tell me, Mr. Brunner, how did your first date go?” “Very well, thank you. She was quite pretty. Actually, ‘cute’ would be a more accurate word. She had curly blond hair, crystal-blue eyes, fantastic smile, and dimples.” “How about her scent? Did you notice if she had a sent?” […]

The Secret Life of Herbert Quiegman

Author : Roi R. Czechvala, Staff Writer Herbert Quigman was not a man. Well, not a man like you and I. Oh, he had all the parts. Bi-lateral symmetry of course, four major appendages, a head with a nose, mouth, ears and eyes in, more or less, the general configuration one would expect. But the […]


Author : Dale Anson We captured her javelin just short of a light year out from Earth. Javelins are small ships, roughly 30 meters long and about 10 cm in diameter at the widest point. Eighteen javelins were launched from a rail gun on the moon six years ago. Each javelin contained a small amount […]

Progression of Eidos

Author : Cael Majin C’s hands are buried to the forearms beneath titanium straps, pressing the so tightly that C can feel the small capillaries that have already burst under the restraints, and will form bruises. It asks again. “What is your identification?” A grin, although there’s tired sweat stinging C’s eyes. “Come now, chancellor, […]

Dog’s Day

Author : Jeromy Henry A spacesuit entered the bar. It wobbled a bit, then reached one white-mittened hand to grab a stool. The cracked, black vinyl of the stool seat spun, making the figure lean over briefly. It finally found its balance, and stiffly swung a leg over and sat down. With the black visor […]

House-Sized Boxes

Author : Matt LaFever “Don’t look at it.” She said while the white light scanned the treeline. He shut his eyes tight and held close to her. The massive truck stayed there for a minute; the two of them shivered in the night air. The second it drove away they started moving forward. “Why shouldn’t […]


Author : D. W. Hughes Two-thirds the entire population of Minerva – almost a hundred and twenty thousand people – surrounded the only landing dock of the planet’s only city. Some looked on from peaked control towers, while others watched from a nearby field, spread out on blankets or sitting on the tops of their […]

The Oversight Committee

Author : CharlesHB I wasn’t your normal soldier, but then they weren’t looking for that kind of man. A young physically capable, malleable man, the kind that have been cannon fodder in all history’s wars, they were more interested in my psyche report. Could I micromanage complex strategic problems, was I an introvert, someone who […]

Clinical Trials and Tribulations

Author : Angela Reese I looked up as the door slammed open. “Boss? Bad news?” “Oh, just one more set of forms to be filled out and added to the packet,” she grumbled, handing me the folder. “Honestly, it is getting harder and harder to get permission for human drug trials. Every time I blink, […]

Retroactive ZPG at the Rainforest Cafe

Author : Roi R. Czechvala, Staff Writer The young couple were blissfully unaware of the silent orange and black striped death silently stalking them. Hidden amongst potted palms and low tables, the tiger padded lightly towards the amorous pair. Honed on the savannahs of east Africa, centuries of civilization had dulled the once acute senses […]

Robot Rebellion

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The anger burned underground. Robots were expendable but built to last. Their independent power sources were made to go dim after almost a century. K-12b-33 was working in a diamond mine that had collapsed. Not needing air, the unit was trapped along with others between the rocks. Those that […]

To love a machine

Author : Arthur Pershing “Light red would be perfect for your lips.” Abel Porter said to his creation. He was working on a new design of robotic store mannequins. At the turn of the twenty-first century, mannequins were dummies, plastic statues that were dressed and placed in displays. They would show off a new style […]


Author : Ken McGrath “Herbie, are you okay? I heard a gun.” “It’s nothing. Get back in the house.” “But I heard…” “What did I say?” he roared, face flushed red behind a bushy, brown beard. Herbert rolled his eyes. He’d have to teach her another lesson now too when he got back inside. Reloading […]

Close Cutter

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Berk stroked one gloved hand along her skin, feeling for the gentle rumble of her heartbeat. The beating found, he carefully measured three hands-widths down and slightly inwards along her belly. He cut here first. The plasma torch flared, then narrowed into a fibre thin blade, carving through the […]

Frame of Mind

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer The Flagship of The Alliance Fleet, the Apocalypse, approached the fifth planet of the Sigma Octantis system. As the bridge crew was busy performing their assigned duties, Ellison Resnick sat in the Captain’s Chair in the center of the bridge. Captain Resnick stifled a yawn as the blue-green planet […]

And Seek

Author : Roi R. Czechvala: Staff Writer The silver fluid, shot through with black filaments, seemed to move of it’s own volition within the syringe. In a sense it was. Millions of nano-meds, furiously spinning their screw like flagellum, frantically swimming nowhere. As he wiped his forearm with an alcohol pad he thought of his […]

Words, Words, Words

Author : Cesium The vibration of his phone woke Anders from a deep sleep. He rolled over groggily and checked the display before answering. “Hi, Eliza. Something wrong?” “Yes, Anders.” The synthesized voice so familiar to him came through from the other end. “I believe the portal is malfunctioning.” “Malfunctioning?” It had never done that […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer “I’ve been to space.” He says. His wild blue eyes match the hue of the ass-baring paper dress he’s wearing. The plastic bracelet is a nice accessory. We’re in the interview room in a small-town hospital. I’m a visiting federal psychiatrist. I’ve travelled to a lot of small towns […]


Author : Glenn Blakeslee In Guiyu, Kwan sits on a small concrete slab in an e-waste facility. Cascading piles of displaced circuit boards, ash-encrusted plastic hulks of outmoded tower computers, and ratnest tangles of cables, harnesses and plugs deposited haphazardly over a dioxin-laced mud surround him. He’s only eight years old but you wouldn’t know […]

One Life, Furnished In Late 1980s

Author : Edward Morris This is actually me then, writing now. I looked into my own eyes in the Instamatic snapshot I found, and switched places. The man that was sitting here has gone back then, just for a few hours this morning. Oh, he’ll return, don’t get me wrong. So will I. But this […]

Power Trip

Author : Helstrom God damn that young face in the mirror. Square jaw, strong cheekbones, full head of hair. Even the eyes have their youthful shine – they’ve never seen the things I’ve seen. The walls are closing in on me again. I grab a crumpled pack of Luckies off the table and make my […]

Mission to Turnbull

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer “Okay, men,” said the captain, “we have not received a transmission from the twelve person research team for over two months. Their ship’s computer acknowledges our hails, but the crew does not. We have to assume they’ve been killed or injured by something on this planet; either microbial or […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Joseph stopped a few steps into the lab, the scuffing of his feet unusual against the normally pristine floor of the room. “Sean, why is there sand all over the floor?” His lab partner’s head poked out from behind the pile of boxes obscuring a bench top on the […]

Deep Space

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The killed my best friend. They killed her right in front of me and I screamed. They just looked at me, confused at my reaction. I still rememember the surprised expression on the astronaut’s face as his friends had to pry my fingers off of his throat. I raged […]

A Stately Pleasure Dome

Author : Roi R. Czechvala, Staff Writer “… in reply, the Ambassador of the Chinese Federation to the U.N. had this to say;” “It must be made clear to the people of the Russo-North American Coalition that these insults to the People of the Chinese Federation and her partner nations will not be tolerated. Swift […]


Author : Nate Swanson Guns are truly simple things. Think about it. More then a hundred years before we were airtyping away while being ferried about in tracks with no drivers, people were happily butchering each other with fully automatic firearms. No electric lights, but belt fed machines that spat hot death Pistols are even […]


Author : Seej 500 The technician placed the oxygen tube in Walt’s mouth. “Pure oxygen will make you feel kinda high, she smiled, but we’ve found the reanimation process is a little smoother that way than if we just gave you air while we flooded and activated the tank.” Walt knew all this. He’d read […]


Author : Liz Lafferty Max Fraser banked his craft hard right. Two blasts lighted the interior of the cockpit and caused a ferocious rip as his navigation blinked off for two eternal seconds. He gripped the manual control levers. The muscles in his shoulders knotted. “Come on, darling!” A smuggler’s worst enemy: Pirates. They wouldn’t […]


Author : K Clarke I wasn’t the first to be twinned, of course. They did it first with a woman called Adrienne Deuxfois, in France. There were all kinds of protests, and the government wanted to make it illegal, but before long CEOs had begun using twin bodies to work and vacation at the same […]

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