I’ll try to explain this as simp–Yes, I know what time it is.

It all makes sense, okay? It’s perfectly logical. This is how Navah explained to me:

Radiowaves, okay? Radios use’ em, so do televisions and cell phones. Navah said everyone knew this, but whatever. You know the static, right? On your television, or those blank moments on your phone? That’s called interference, but it’s not. Not according to Navah.

She said that radiowaves don’t interfere with each other, that they overlap. That interference is just a receiver that can’t differentiate between signals.

I’m aware that I’m naked. I’m getting to that.

Navah says interference means that a cell can receive two signals at once. That if the message was appropriately subtle, you wouldn’t even notice.

Not even loud enough to hear consciously, but subliminally.

Look, I’m sorry about the begonias. I’m trying to explain myself.

See, Navah must have done it. She must have sent out subliminals when I was making a call. I bet all over this city, there are cell users who are doing what I’m doing: trying to explain why they are on their ex’s doorstep unable to control their actions.

See? Perfectly logical explanation.

I’m sure that semen won’t stain the woodwork.