To Martin J. Weaver:

Dear Spiritual Investor,

This letter is a gift in the form of advanced notice concerning the change in management of your Temple in Manchester. Our organization, the American Church of God, has taken notice of the success of your Temple’s missionary programs, and after careful research and investment, we decided that a peaceful merger between our two beliefs would be beneficial to everyone involved. We have already bought out the Temples along the southern tip of Great Britain, and we are ready to invest in your spirituality.

As a believer in God, you may ask what this means for you. Surveys show that members of the ACG Inc. feel far more fulfilled after taking part in our spiritual learning programs, and you will feel the pride of being an early adopter of our faith. Our media approval rating is over 78%, and we are gaining momentum.

Benefits include:

– Exclusive Access to Easy-to-Comprehend Translated Texts long-since thought lost

– Better treatment at the work-place and in public

– A secure, electronically coded method of tithing with eligibility for tax write-offs

– Warmth and Happiness amongst your family and friends

– A guaranteed confidence in the belief of an after-life and higher being we call God

– And much more

Our new convert package is full of information regarding your new beliefs and restricted and prohibited acts and practices.

As an early adopter, you will be able to convert for the price of only 100₤. Later conversions will have to pay near double that figure!

We’ve included a copy of our Holy Book as a token of our faith in your faith. The American Church of God wishes you a happy life and the best of days, which is why we happily invite you to join our Church before the mass conversion of your Temples. If you have further questions concerning the merger, feel free to contact our public relations department at the toll-free number provided on the inside cover of your new Holy Book â„¢.

With warm hearts,

The Ministers of the American Church of God, Inc.