Author : Kenny R. Brown

“Hello there; it’s so nice to see you!”

The door slid open noiselessly on a set of hidden tracks. The old man gestured expansively, welcoming his guest.

“I’ve been hoping that you would visit for quite a while now. I’ve hardly had any company at all since… I can’t even remember.”

The old man was moving quickly now, clearing the table, turning on lights, busying himself in the tiny kitchen.

“Now, have a seat. Would you like something to drink; anything to eat?”

The visitor declined a snack, and rather than sitting, simply elected to stay in place near the door. The old man ignored his visitor’s impropriety and took a seat himself.

“So, tell me; what have you been doing since the Others left? Have you been taking care of yourself? To tell you the truth I’ve been beginning to think there was no one else left.”

The visitor started to move into the room, but froze after a single step. The old man moved quickly to his guest, flipping open a hidden panel. He looked pensively at a display inside as he tapped on a keypad he held in his hand.

“Damn! General system fault again.”

Cain, the Immortal pressed the shutdown key on his latest android companion. His eyes began to glisten with tears.

“Goodbye, my friend.”

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