Author : V.L. Ilian

“Have you come to a decision?”

The voice of the negotiator is breaking my concentration. Just like I’ve been told… it’s a fair deal but I can’t help feeling like I’m selling my soul.

“Some feel that they’re selling themselves but that is simply not the case.”

“But this isn’t what I wanted to do with my life”

“And nobody will stop you from pursuing your goals in life. Some of the other members lead absolutely normal lives outside the compounds, protected by our anonymity program and enjoying the extra income that comes from royalties. However one look at your dossier tells me that with the royalties you’ll be receiving you’ll never have to work again.”

He has a funny way of putting it. Just the thought of the weekly sessions with doctors and machines poking and prodding me for the rest of my life…

“You’ll even help people. Every bit of data gathered from studying you will lead to great discoveries”

“What about any of my future children?”

“They’ll be offered a similar deal when they come of age but they’re free of any obligations”

My hand picks up the pen and I feel the sting of the samplers as they draw my blood to mix it with the ink. As I hand him the signed contract the negotiator stands up and shakes my hand.

“Welcome to the Superhuman Protection Alliance”

But his words did not come from his mouth…

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