Author : J.R.Blackwell, Staff Writer

She was violet and tangerine, like an earth sunset. The row of eyes on her face glowed with a bioluminescent blue light. To Susan the Ferai seemed to look alike, but Rain stood out. Susan couldn’t remember who started conversation, but it wasn’t long before Rain stopped by her holding cell at least once daily, pausing on her rounds, looping her weapon over her giant shoulders.

“How are you, Earth woman?”

“Glad to see you, Sunset lady.” Susan had to explain sunsets. With three bright lights in the sky, two of them actual suns, one of them a planet on fire (which is a different thing) the sun never goes completely out on this planet, which makes for interesting patterns in the sky, but not sunsets, not the fade to black and a night of stars for the Ferai.

“I brought you some food. They don’t feed the humans enough here.” Rain handed over some of the cold hard biscuit like squares that the Ferai machines spit out for human food. It was supposed to provide all the nutrition a human needed but after two months of the stuff, it was getting old.

“Thanks.” Susan leaned on the bars. “I wish there was a way I could thank you. When this war is over, maybe I can send you some things from Earth.”

“Earth sounds like an interesting planet, sometimes in dark, sometimes light, it must feel like you are always spinning.”

“Not really, but it is a great place. Maybe you can visit someday.”

“I think Earth people hate the Ferai.”

“We’re just afraid, and a little territorial. This will blow over.”

“I hope so. But I worry that the Council will want to invade Earth because of the intrusion into our space.”

“Oh God, I hope that doesn’t happen.”

“Me too.” Rain shrugged her giant shoulders. “Do you want to go for a walk? Out of the compound, I mean.”

“Could I do that?”

“Sure. I mean, I’ll be with you, an armed guard. You’re not going to try to escape, will you?”

“No, not in the middle of this desert. There isn’t anywhere I could go.”

“Is that the only reason you wouldn’t leave?”

Susan looked at Rain “Maybe I have other reasons.”

“Come with me.” Rain opened the door to Susan’s cell and lead her down the hall and out the front door, handing what looked like a ruby to the guard at the gate.

“Have your fun and then have the prisoner back in one rotation, you hear me?”

“There’s going to be fun?” whispered Susan. What would sex with an alien be like?

Rain dragged her along outside of the compound. “Come on, we need to move quick.”

“Where are we going?” Susan hurried after Rain “Where are you taking me?”

“Susan, I love you. I cannot see you imprisoned any longer, and I don’t know how long this war will last. I have contacted the humans, they are sending a small ship to pick you up.”

“Wait, Rain! What about you? What will happen when you don’t bring me back?”

“They will relieve me of my duties and I will be shipped back home, where I will be used for breeding, instead of military duty.”

“Rain, you’ve worked hard to be a warrior, why are you giving it up?”

“Because I love you Susan. I love you. Please do not fight me, I’ve already made this choice. We could never be connected the way we both want, I don’t even know if it’s possible, physically, to do so. It is best that we part, and that if I cannot give you of myself, that I give you this.”


“Just go. And don’t ever look back.”

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