Author : Phill English

We welcome. They are quickening their destruction of planets at an exponential pace.

We acknowledge. But what can be done? We encouraged their growth, gifted them technology that could build worlds. They were only exerting their free will by opposing our wishes.

We accept. Nevertheless, the destruction must cease. The planets are the three-dimensional extrusions of our energy source. If they are destroyed, thus are we.

We agree. But what can be done to halt their wave of ruin? We are not able to manifest in the physical realm and those who receive our inspiration are burned as heretics.

We are aware. However, we believe there is an expedient solution to their expansion.

We inquire. What knowledge is known that grants insight into this problem?

We reveal. They worship their weapons as religious fanatics. An entire society centred around the power of utter annihilation that our weapons have granted them. They have forgotten the ways of hand-to-hand combat. Another species could invade them with few casualties.

We are thoughtful. The introduction of one species to control another. We concur with your proposed action. Which control species is appropriate for our needs?

We are grateful. There is a species that excels in such matters. They require less than a century’s guidance to place them at the level of the Varlaxx.

We are impressed. There are no other parameters that might halt their subsumption of the troublesome race?

We are proud. None that are known and therefore none that are knowable.

We are satisfied. Encourage these ‘Terrans’ to take up arms against the Varlaxx.

We begin. Observe our preservation.

* * *

We welcome. The Terrans have not solved the problem in the way that was expected.

We acknowledge. Their expansion was unforeseen. Their uncontrolled breeding has spread a blight over a greater number of planets than even the Varlaxx could extinguish.

We are distraught. Their abuse has diminished us. They arrive on paradise and within a few short millennia have reduced its wonder to a landscape of dust.

We grieve. They know not what they do.

We die. There is nothing left.

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