Author : Clint Wilson

Dan was excited as he ushered his wife and children into the 2100 Exposition’s most popular attraction. “The World of Tomorrow” was in actuality the world of well over a century ago depicting what the future was supposed to become one day.

“Look at the cheesy old coms Dad!”

“Those were called phones Jason.”

Just then a holo popped up in front of them. It was a basic host-guide type, tall, handsome, perfect teeth, impeccably dressed. It spoke to Jason in a deep, commanding voice. “Your father’s right Jason. The word “phone” is short for “telephone” and the so-called futuristic vision of this portion of the exhibit was limited to folks one day being able to carry them around wherever in the world they went, which actually did come to pass, but only for a few short decades before plants became affordable.”

Jason absent-mindedly flexed his facial muscles and the green icon came into view in his lower right perception, showing him that he was on-line and had in fact left a browser open to his friend Steven. He exercised another small facial tick and the browser closed. Then he continued along after his family and the holo.

Now they moved into a supposed modern kitchen where the guide explained that people had once reveled at how an archaic and dangerous device called a “microwave oven” was able to make meals available in minutes.

Nine year old Jennifer looked bored as she said, “So what? What’s so great about taking that long to prepare food?”

The holo laughed in a smarmy, condescending way, a way typically reserved for country club chaps, “Oh little girl, the microwave oven didn’t prepare food, it merely heated it!”

Jennifer scowled, not in distaste at the holo’s comment, but because it was the motion required to activate her dine-pod. Less than a second later a steaming cinnamon bagel sprang from her carry-all and into her hand. As she munched her instant treat they carried on. Both her and her mother found the exhibit mostly uninteresting and entirely overrated, but Jason and Dan were still enjoying themselves.

“Look at the old two dimensional flat screens Dad. Can you imagine watching that all day? Say, when exactly was 3V invented?”

All in all they spent another twenty or so minutes in the exhibit before finally making their way out and then gradually toward a park exit. It had been a long day and they had seen pretty much all there was to see. Jennifer and her mother were tired and lagged behind as the family crossed the huge parking lot. But Dan and his son were still energized about the whole experience.

“So what was your favorite thing all day son?”

“The World of Tomorrow!”

“Yeah that was pretty good alright. It sure is funny though how people lacked any real vision as to how things would turn out. I mean everything seemed so… well… as you put it, cheesy!”

“Except for the flying cars though, right Dad?”

“Yeah, I have to admit, they were pretty cool. I can’t believe they still… Oh crap!”

“What’s the matter Dad?”

Dan pointed at their two year old Gates which sat in a parking stall directly ahead. “Would you look at that, we’ve got a flat tire!”

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