Author : Jonas David

Private Connor had been to brothels plenty of times on leave, but he’d never bothered to talk to any of the units before. Usually you gave the clerk your account, selected your model, got your rocks off and left. Done deal. But somehow this one had got in his head, and if he was paying he figured he’d get his curiosity satisfied along with his other urges.

“So, did you like it?” He said as he pulled on his pants, sweat cooling on his brow.

“Of course, couldn’t you tell?” She brushed curled brunette hair away from her pale breasts.

“Yeah, but aren’t you, uhh, programmed that way?”

“I’m programmed to enjoy making you happy.”

“Well, what if I enjoy smacking you around?”

“Oh, but I know you don’t.” She cooed with a wink. It was true; his mind cringed at the thought of hitting her.

“But some guys must like it.” Connor persisted. “What then?”

“Well then I have to hide my pleasure. They like to see fear in my eyes, so I show it. But I just love seeing them so happy, so turned on.” She let out a sigh. “That look in their eyes as they knock me about is just so cute!” She knew just how to say it, he realized, to make him not worry for her. Even now, after he had finished his business, she had his feelings in mind.

“Leave with me.” He blurted. “Come travel with me, just us.”

“Oh honey, I can’t”

“Why?” He couldn’t hide his disappointment.

“Oh no, sweety, don’t take it personally. I’m just not programmed to be with one man.”

Hours later as his ship launched from the station, he wondered still. How did she know that was just the right thing to say?

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