Author : Clint Wilson, featured writer

“Unbelievable Simmons! We actually have him mainlined through the wormhole!” The assistant was no less excited than the good Doctor.

“Professor!” he shouted as he checked the subject’s vitals. “The fractal condensers are working perfectly. Mr. Tyler is unharmed. The batteries (a misnomer as they were actually portholes to galaxy-size storage chambers within the froth) already contain Sol times seven-point-five and are growing exponentially!” The exuberant young technician was beside himself. He turned to his superior. “I’m afraid to touch him, like he’ll electrocute me!”

Doctor Grant patted his number one on the back reassuringly. “Simmons, if even point-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-to the umpteenth zero-one of that draw were leaking out past the suit we’d be vaporized.”

Tyler lay there unmoving, the newly created ultra-human, awaiting the dawn of his new life. Sure enhancers had existed for decades but this was nothing like anyone had ever imagined. This was far past the days when anyone could amp up an old ‘hero’ suit direct off some hydro-electric grid and spend a drunken afternoon leaping through the atmosphere in ten kilometer jumps, crashing head-first into the sides of mountains, only to laugh, get up, dust off and do it again. This was energy and matter manipulation taken to another plane entirely.

With the power of a distant quasar giving him instant and endless ability to manipulate all around him in any way he saw fit Tyler quickly deduced that he must acclimatize himself to his new state.
Within a few moments he taught himself self-protection by creating a microscopic layer of severe electromagnetism around himself cocooned by another microscopic layer of absolute vacuum. He was now virtually indestructible. He drew endless oxygen and nutrition via any number of countless mini wormholes opened between desirable sources and his lungs, stomach, blood vessels, etcetera. His brain, fed by endless power, functioned at unbelievable speeds.

The two scientists stood watching wordlessly as their subject got up from the table. As he made his way across the room toward them Simmons shivered. Sensing his assistant’s sudden moment of fear the Professor placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. He whispered, “Don’t worry son, he’s been chosen because of his passiveness.”

Tyler walked up and smiled. His entire body shimmered; his eyes were suddenly vibrant beyond description. The ultra-human’s voice came out deeper than it had been previous to his synchronization, and with an effect akin to reverb or possibly stereo chorus. “I wanted to thank you gentlemen for my new found power. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must be off. After all I’ve got an entire universe to explore.” And with that he did two graceful backward hand springs until he was standing in the center of the lab again. Then he held both arms straight out and tilted his hands like helicopter blades.

In an instant Tyler manipulated the air around his arms so that sections opened up to pure vacuum that pulled him along, he continued this manipulation in circular patterns until, in less than a couple of seconds, he was spinning like a drill bit, turning the ultimate pirouette. Then he adjusted his arms slightly and lifted off from the lab floor.

The two scientists watched in awe as he blasted through the ceiling and up and out into the afternoon sky.

They stood for a moment amongst the bits of fluttering insulation, ceiling tile debris and settling dust until Simmons finally turned to his superior. “My god, what have we done?”

The look on Doctor Grant’s face was distant and dreamy. “No Simmons, we’ve created a god.”


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