Author : Salli Shepherd


You’re not going to believe this. Unzip the folder and check out image 14, number 227. Yes, that’s a jugger you’re looking at, only ten times the regulation embryo mass. And yes, that is an illegal frontal lobe.

Look at those EEG printouts. That says sentient-level brain activity, or I am a monkey’s nutsack. And get this – according the dates, he’s two and a half years old? Still in prenatal phase. Oh yeah, and zoom in on that dark spot on the left. #227 also seems to have grown himself an eyeball.

Our whole agenda here just took one giant leap into workable human rights territory. So let Jim know the plan’s changed. Getting this jugger out alive will achieve a lot more than just sabotaging another lab.

Security’s tight. I’ll mail you when I can.

– B



They excised the eye for biopsy. Makes me wonder if 227 is all about the next big WHO summit, pushing for retina harvests, organ factories, etc. But then, what’s with the frontal lobe? I have no clue what’s up with that.

– B


Jesus H. Christ. No. Not happening.

Tell Jim he cannot – I repeat, cannot – trash this facility before I figure this out. I want at least a week. Flash your titties at him if you have to.

As for 227, he’s doing okay. Grabbing you a biopsy sample of that eye tonight, maybe.

Wish me luck.

– B


Four days is just not enough. Flash him again, let me know if it works.

Good news: I got your sample on ice, will send ASAP but it could take some time.

Bad news: they moved 227 up to Level 3, major lockdown. My guess is, they store the other ‘anomalies’ up there, too. Getting him out won’t be easy. I expect things might get messy so I’ll need the whole crew, and the truck geared up and ready to roll.

Miss you too, can’t wait to be home.

– B



With what I found up there, we could feasibly take this whole company down – and maybe the jugger legislature with it. Admit it: I am Superman.

I’ll have eight specimens all up: three ‘special editions’ in formaldehyde, four regular juggers, alive and well, and 227. That makes five travel packs. We can tank that many at the lab, right? Our gear’s pretty rustic compared to what’s here, but better than nothing.

Do not even think about being in that truck. You know how it is. These guards are paid to shoot, not ask questions.

Smile, Lois. Looks like we’re going to have a baby.

– B



I must say how sorry I am about Ben. Let me know if there’s anything you need.

Forgive me for talking business at a time like this, but I’m quite eager to know what happened to that delivery he promised.





My husband is quadruplegic, not dead. I don’t need your condolences.

This is to inform you that we no longer wish to support your organisation. As I have said to you before, there’s better ways to deal with this. Ways that don’t get people shot.

I’m keeping 227. The files, too, all of it. Think what you will, but I need those jugger stem cells to make Ben whole again. Once he’s healed, we’ll decide together what to do next.

227 is developing quickly without the growth retardants. He even has real fingers and toes now. I think we’ll name him Nelson.

Don’t bother looking for us. God willing, we’ll be in touch.

– Antoinette

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