Author : Jarrod Chestney-Law

Sapphire, threaded with white and then a diamond studded blackness. Sapphire and white fill my vision again. They remain now. Chirps and static bursts chatter in my ears. Emerald threads begin to fill my vision, cascading down, faster and faster until a fine web blossoms across my vision, overlaying the sapphire and white before me. I suddenly twist to the left and to the right, but it’s outside of my control. It stops and I stare forward at the vast swell of blue and white.

A tiny green envelope emerges from the web of light and bobs gently in my vision. I imagine it unfolding, and it does. An emerald mist overlays the sapphire beneath and white letters emerge. Look right. I smile and turn. It could have been anyone. Thousands of white dots are floating around us, shimmering and exploding with flashes of brilliance in the untamed sun. Scarlet lines begin to stretch out across my vision and I dismiss them.

Is it how you imagined?

The words flowed from my mind and were made real. With a sad pop, they shrink and collapse to a tiny point that crosses the distance between us.

I never imagined at all.

Of course.

Live forever?

Not now.

There are flecks of brown and green among the sapphire now. Tiny specks that taint what had been pure. I sigh and will myself to move to the right, but nothing happens. Only more of the scarlet lines, which I dismiss again.

Come to me?

I watch and wait. The other hesitates and then gently closes the distance. White arms extend and wrap around me. Long legs follow and the black plane of glass which shows only my reflection gently nudges against mine with a soft thud. I sigh and the sounds of the sigh blink away so quickly I barely see them. There are more scarlet lines than emerald now, and I leave them, watching as they gather and knot together, obscuring the scene in front of me.

Always and forever. These words trickle through, held and released with regret. Watch with me?

Always, comes the reply. My vision warps and doubles, looking down an infinite series of mirrors.

We turn our masks, our bodies still twined together and I push the red lines away one last time. The specks of green and brown consume our vision, swallowing the space around them rapaciously. I grip, and am gripped tighter as the doubled image flickers and vanishes. White flashes past us, again and again. The sapphire is gone. The white flashes one last time and then there is only green and the twisting scarlet lines.

And forever.

The last words having struggled through, shimmer and fade.

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