Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer

The chancellor stood at the front of the room and cleared his throat. The grand science delegation from all corners of the planet gathered before him and awaited his words.

“Despite all our efforts at rectifying the situation The Almighty System has given its answer. You all know what this means.” And they most certainly did. Despite everything they had tried, scientifically, socially and otherwise they had been unable to rectify the race’s need to murder one another.

They had evolved to the point of self-sufficiency. Their technology was fantastic, automating everything and leaving nothing for any person to ever want for. They were fed, clothed and cared for far beyond their needs. Yet something had gone wrong in their evolutionary growth. They were still essentially savages.

The crowd remained silent as the chancellor read the judgment aloud. “It is hereby decreed by The Almighty System that all citizens of the world shall immediately begin the process, as laid out in the general operations manual, for de-evolution and hopeful eventual reinstatement.”

They might have been savages at their core, but they were obedient savages, following subliminal hypnotic suggestions implanted at an early age.

The scientists shook each other’s hands and then made their way single file, out to the lobby to a row of medical booths. There were similar ones all over the planet. A skinned knee could be sterilized and bandaged, or heart surgery could be performed by laser. They were part of The Almighty System’s original plan for complete automated care for the race. Now unfortunately they had all been reconfigured.

One by one the scientists stepped inside, while other citizens all over the world, having just received the judgment, also stepped into their own neighborhood booths. And all over the earth all the people were lobotomized.

Then the stores closed and government services shut down everywhere. And the artificially disabled people were forced to fend for themselves. At first it was mayhem. The urgent need to stop senseless murder initially only spurred more on. Cannibalism was rampant. But eventually, as doors remained locked and supplies stayed shut off, a scant few went into the wilderness and managed to slowly learn how to live off the land.

Surprisingly, they quickly adjusted to this new life, drawing from their primordial instincts. And when they mated, the one and only old-world command they remembered and understood, was to take their offspring into the ruins of the falling down cities, where the medical booths remained open and quite operational. And there they had their young also lobotomized. And the ordered neurosurgery would continue for some dozen more generations, each new wave of descendants bringing their own young for the surgery early on in life. While all around them every other scrap of artificialism biodegraded very quickly. In another millennium there would be virtually no trace of the thriving technological wonder that was once their society.

Then finally one day, the simple people, as per their tradition, brought their younglings to the now dilapidated falling down booths… and found that they no longer functioned.

So after their developed intelligence had been effectively washed away, the first generations of these new humans cooking over their open fires and wrapped in animal skins began their long and arduous journey so that they too could one day achieve technological greatness.

But hopefully these ones would be different. Hopefully they would embrace what they built for themselves, be happy for their great fortune, and stop the senseless killing once and for all.


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