Author : Bob Newbell

Ship’s log, Cycle 6944, Subcycle 3, Captain Zeus commanding. The Olympia’s A.I. has performed an emergency biometamorphosis on the crew who were all in stasis at the time of the transrelativistic drive malfunction. The A.I. was able to get the ship back into realspace and managed a controlled crash landing on this planet. As per protocol, the ship released a swarm of nanoprobes which identified the local dominant intelligent species and initiated standard somatic cell transformation procedures. The crew and I are adjusting to these new, odd, bipedal bodies. Chief engineer Hephaestus continues his damage assessment.

Addendum. Hephaestus reports the transrel drive is beyond repair. He is attempting to rig a superluminal distress signal. The Olympia’s stellar cartography system cannot pinpoint our location based on the local constellations. We have no idea where in the galaxy we are. Lieutenant Hermes has requested permission to don an antigrav pack to make an aerial reconnaissance of the area around the mountain on which the Olympia crashed. I have approved this request.

Ship’s log, Cycle 6944, Subcycle 4. A group of the planet’s inhabitants, perhaps having seen Lieutenant Hermes flying about the area, approached a patrol lead by Commander Hera as they were reconnoitering the region around the ship. As the nanoprobes are still learning the local language and are uploading it to the crew’s cerebral speech centers, it was with some difficulty that she tried to communicate to the locals that we come from another part of the galaxy.

Ship’s log, Cycle 6944, Subcycle 5. Hephaestus is having difficulty getting the superluminal distress signal set up. At his request, I attempted to make contact with the locals to see if they might have technology that would assist in this endeavor. As I tried to explain our situation, one of the locals became belligerent and decided to attack me. I was left with no choice but to defend myself with an electroplasma rifle. While the weapon was set on stun, the frail anatomy of the local was unable to withstand the lightning bolt-like discharge of the weapon. I very much regret that this failed attempt at peaceful contact has resulted in the death of one of this world’s inhabitants.

Addendum. Chief Hephaestus reports no success with getting a superluminal message out to any ship or base. I have little doubt that Admiral Hyperion has half the fleet out looking for us.

Ship’s log, Cycle 6944, Subcycle 6. Commander Ares is recommending armed patrols around the clock given the combative nature of the locals. While I am concerned that this may result in a further deterioration of relations between us and the locals, I must consider the safety of my crew.

Addendum. Hephaestus reports he will not be able to send the distress signal. In addition, the ship’s power reserves are almost gone.

Addendum. A group of locals has apparently engaged in some ghastly form of ritually sacrificing one of their own kind in some sort of religious rite!

Ship’s log, Cycle 6944, Subcycle 7. Lieutenant Artemis while on patrol came across another attempt at barbaric self-sacrifice on the part of the locals. As the nanoprobes have now almost completely assimilated the alien language, she was able to convey her disapproval of this horrific practice. The local king, Agamemnon, acknowledged the lieutenant’s displeasure and the life of the king’s daughter, Iphigenia, was spared. An animal was sacrificed in her place.

Ship’s log, Cycle 6944, Subcycle 8. Final entry. Ship’s power almost gone. We are marooned here on an alien world in alien bodies. I take full responsibility for–

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