Author : Chad Bolling

They looked like large slugs with reptilian skin and no shell. Besides their lack of defense mechanisms, the species had many more obvious traits that made it easier for predators to catch them. However, through some miracle, one these creatures alone could supply the human colony with boundless energy.

“Make sure he stays happy.” The colonies director, Myers said.

“We think the species is a hermaphrodite,” Dr. Chambers, the colony’s head scientist replied.

“Then keep it happy.”

It was kept happy for some time. The creature, nicknamed Volt, was safe from predators in its large aquarium.

“It’s getting fat.”

“This type of creature is meant to have an excessive body weight, but because of its poor survival mechanisms, it usually doesn’t make it to its mature body mass.”

The interesting thing about the glow slug, which is what the newly discovered species that included Volt was named, is that when they sleep they glow in the dark. Volt was no different from the other members of the glow slug species in that respect, except when he slept and began to glow, Volt gave off a highly powered energy field. The energy was then harvested quietly by the colonists and used as a power source.

Years later, Myers and Chambers were having a meeting about the status of the colony. “Well, Chambers,” Myers said, “the colony is prospering far better than anyone expected.”

“With the cost of energy so low compared to other off world colonies it’s no surprise,” Chambers replied.

Myers leaned back in his chair. “Our Volt has given us all the energy we need for the cost of a pet lizard!” Myers stopped talking to reflect for a moment. “Unfortunately, this colony has reached full capacity. Volt can only give us so much power per day. We can’t have anymore people moving here without using a more traditional power source, which would be much, much more expensive.”

After a minute of silence Chambers spoke, “well sir, we could try and figure out how the creature makes its energy field.”

“How so?”

“We can find the gland or organ that creates the energy field then extract it, then clone it using cells from other glow slug and have an infinite amount of energy!” Chambers said confidently.

“Sounds good to me. Get on it Chambers!”

“But sir there is one thing.”


“We will need to do a full dissection of the creature.”

Myers sighed and gave the okay, saying the colony had enough backup power to last until Dr. Chambers and his team could duplicate the creature’s energy field generating ability.

“This will be a risk, Sir,” Chambers said before the dissection.

“I understand the risk, but I have complete confidence in you and your team,” Myers said slapping Chambers on the back.

After the dissection, Chambers and his team searched with both microscope and naked eye to find the source of the creatures unique ability to generate power fields.

“Have you found anything yet Chambers?”

“Well sir, not really…”

“Nothing?” Myers raised his voice.


“How could this have happened? We aren’t prepared for this Chambers. Now we don’t have any power source at all.”

“Yes sir, I know. We should probably start a nuclear power contract-”

“Dammit man! We were at the top of the food chain. Just imagine it, a world with free energy.”

“Well sir, it seemed that our glow worm, Volt, had given us that…it just wasn’t enough.”

“Do you know what caused all of this Chambers?”

“Too much ambition?”

“Hah! You could use some more of that! No Chambers, it was greed.”


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