Author : Morrow Brady

Nightshift was almost over when iHUD flashed:

unknown abscess.

“Great! More lumps and bumps” My sarcasm catching Turing’s interest.

“Yeah, I scanned him in. Big and green. I’ve never seen anything like it” Turing exclaimed.

Khomyakov, a deep space medical ship was stationed strategically to serve the needs of the frontier marine colonies. Providing care via live virtual links with ground based medical technology so advanced it was experimental.

The report explained that during a sustained ground attack on B, a green planet orbiting Epsilon Eridani, a Marine reported a pinch in his back, he was comatose within the hour. By the time he arrived at Base Hospital the abscess had begun to form.

The young Marine lay prone, his biological deep scan danced like haunting spirits across iHUD. The green capped abscess barred examination and was growing fast.

accelerated growth, no prognosis.

Time for a closer look. I let loose a spider, a medical robot, to start with a tactile assessment. The hand sized spider emerged from the bedside recess, it’s elegant scissor legs delicately eased onto the Marine’s back

The EyePaint applied to every available surface mapped the treatment cell in 4D. It gave me omni-presence but at the moment it was giving me nothing.

The spider prodded and massaged the abscess mound. Leg tip sensors fed tactile and ultrasound data, identifying an internal mass. As I viewed through the spider’s 42 micro-lenses, I thought I saw the mass move. Or was it just lens distortion?

“This abscess is telling me nothing!” I said to Turing.

“Stick it. Lets see what’s inside” Turing’s avatar joined in.

I instructed Spider to setup a needle probe and immediately it’s white steel leg shivered and from within, a needle articulated into a functional form.

Bracing itself against the Marine’s spine, the needle tip targeted its entry point while micro nozzles lacquered the skin in topical anaesthetic. The tip pushed slowly against the skin causing a slight depression and then abruptly broke through. The green mass shivered in response.

“Did you see that?” I exclaimed to Turing.

In the background, physical and digital security lockdowns cascaded. Nothing would get in or out. Turing had my back and was playing it safe.

I pushed deeper through the pus filled outer sac, receiving feedback from the nacelle sensor array.

white blood cells – high concentration

Strong natural defences meant the Marine was winning the battle. High concentrations meant he was losing the war.

I advanced the needle toward the mass, now a silvery green bladder before me and flicked a handful of collectors. They clung like limpets to the fibrous skin.

complex muscular cell formation.

I advanced further, the needle tip meeting resistance from the muscular mass. The Electromagnetic spider legs powered up 50% punching through. Turing shuddered.

Through the lens array, a sinewy tendril faded into view, spiralling away through green fluid. I followed it blindly to the centre of the mass where a tiny arm hovered, resting against the tendril. I panned across, following the length of the arm and held my breath as a large pink alien shape with veiled green eyes stared down at me. In shock, I reversed immediately bringing it fully into view.

The human foetus, a delicate shade of pink was unmistakeable, suspended within its liquid womb.

Clone Parasite, 99.99% DNA matchup to host.

As I contemplated humanity’s demise via substitution, a pinch in my side made me wince. Turing stared at me with deep green eyes, a small woven tube in his hand.

“I thought your eyes were blue?”

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