Author : Vince H.

“Come with me.”

“We’ve already talked about this. I would never do that to myself.”

“Honey, we can live forever. Together.”

“Live? Is that what you call it?”

“Of course. Your brain remains completely intact, and you keep all of your memories… your entire consciousness.”

“There is more to life than a brain.”

“Says who? If I were thinking the same thoughts, saying the same things, but my body were metal, would I truly be any different?”


“If you love me for who I am, as you say that you do, why does the exterior really matter?”

“I wouldn’t want to live forever even if I could keep this body.”

“Why not? You’re not going to outlive me or anybody else. Everybody’s making the switch honey, you know that.”

“Everybody but me, yes.”

“Honey, I’m getting very frustrated with you and your lack of logic. Why wouldn’t you want to live forever? Why does the elimination of hunger, disease, war and every other problem you’ll ever have to face scare you so much?”

“Making the switch would eliminate hunger, thirst, disease, and war, sure. Do you know what else it would eliminate? A full belly. A cool glass of water. Good health. Peace. The switch doesn’t just eliminate every misfortune in life, it eliminates life itself.”

“You know the world is dying. You know these “good things” in life aren’t going to last much longer, don’t you?”

“All the more reason to enjoy and appreciate them now.”

“I’m sorry honey, but if you choose not to listen to reason, I’ll be forced to go without you.”

“Go ahead. But before you do, hold my hand, and feel the warmth of the blood pulsing through my veins. Look across this field and feel the wind caress your hair. Many years from now, as your consciousness maintains itself in that metal box, you’ll miss this.

“Goodbye honey. I’m going to live forever”

“Maybe your mind will, but you won’t. The man I love will die as soon as they make the switch.”



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