Author : Timothy Marshal-Nichols

Dearest, Humblest and most Obedient Sir,

Please be informed, as agreed in mutual undertaking, that yourself named Mutch, first name, Alfred, are contracted to duty and that the lease of said duty is due forthwith to expire. Thus upon the thirtieth inst of this month, September, of this year, twenty-thousand-and-thirteen, upon such time, thus the hour before midday, you are required, as per contract, to be attendant upon your place of known residence. This residence to be within the road of Hartington Drive, within the city of Liverpool, within the county of Merseyside, within the country of England, such house, a three story residence, bearing the number upon said road to be twenty-seven. For upon said date, for upon said time, attending upon said place, upon morrow, whereupon you shall die.

It is not for you, Mr Alfred C. Mutch, to dispute said contract. May I remind you of the sanctity of such contract, founded within law and custom, thus approved by legal council upon this land and freely entered into by yourself in full knowledge of the right and proper consequence thus of said contract becoming requisite and thereupon enacted. Your request for an appeal is void and otherwise inapplicable. There is no higher court with which to request stay of enactment. There can be no council or appeal, no committee to hear such case, the time has come, you must die forthwith.

For Mr R.M. businessman, pillar of the realm, philanthropist to the poor and needy, noble and honourable sir, doer of many charitable works, benefactor of the destitute, has declared use thereof of various of your body’s natural organs, not here specified, and claims thereof there use within his person. Thus your great and illustrious benefactor has need of your body, various parts of, to improve his welfare, appearance and comfort. Whereas yourself, Mr Alfred C. Mutch, miserable wretch that you are, worm that you are, scum that you are, lived by the goodwill, grace, favour and means of Mr R.M. Therefore you posses no right to exercise such ingratitude, forbearance or obstruction as to deny Mr R.M. his legal right and your eligible duty. You have no alternate but to, with immediate effect, die.

It was some twenty-one years ago that you signed and was witnessed this contract with our company. Whereby we established, through suitable tests and medical procedure, your compatibility with Mr R.M. as to body, blood and temper and found the perfect compatibility. Thereby on contract your good self was genitally tagged, as your person shall be well aware, and thus there can become no escapement or abatement, we, the executors of said contract, shall always know the whereabouts of your force. Thence always have the performance to enact the substance of said declaration. Since contract date you have received the payments upon the declaration without let or hindrance upon our part. Each month you have received such agreed sum that our presence within the contract has been accomplished without any complaint or dispute on your part. Now whereupon it is time to exercise our utilization upon this agreement. Thus for legally agreed harvesting to proceed your death must be enacted.

May I finally remind you to attend your abode upon this morrow, as agreed. You can be assured that, commiserate with quality of harvesting, your death will be as painless as assets and practicality should allow.

Your Obedient Servant, D.
The Harvester of Human Organs.

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