Author : StanleyJames

Gently washed, a warm grey and blue. A comforting fuzzy sock with two big Spock ears and those wide eyes. The eyes cannot see and the ears cannot hear, but the Monkey listens. Arms and legs flop akimbo, easy for clumsy hands to grab, and drag from room to room. A loving, cuddling security blanket complete with stupid grin stitched a little lopsided below a button nose.

Spock Monkey: cute as that button nose on the ouside, with a web-enabled microchip inside. More than just your momma’s old hand-made puppet.


A fully programmable hand-stuffed Monkey – upload your nursery rhymes and your ABC’s and your sing-song verses. Record your own lullabies via SoundCloud. Instantly available to Baby at the squeeze of the left ear, or pre-programmed for an hour of bedtime verses, gently urging baby to sleep.

The perfect playmate solution for the Busy mama, Executive mama, Shift-Worker daddy, or TV SportsNet daddy.

Enough processing power to be always-on connected so that Baby always has her: a warm and cuddly friend to keep her company. Always on, and whispering, whispering, whispering in her ear or in her pillow. And listening for the cooing, the gurgling, the crying … every response of Baby. Always at her side. Listening and learning.
Fully Web-connected, so that Web is always in command, urging with whispered suggestions. Comforting Baby. Spock Monkey is Baby’s best friend. Spock Monkey listens and speaks, designed by Hasbro but commanded by me. Web sees everything.

Not just a sock monkey but a simple tool for a Web come alive. An old stuffed sock with an 89 cent chip and a handful of sensors. One simple tool among endless millions: SmartMonkeys, SmartElmos, SmartTransformers, SmartBuzzLightyears. Smart BabyDolls.

An indoctrination machine. Pure hypnotist, working inside Baby’s developing mind, programming. Learning everything about her: the way she feels, the way she thinks. Her rhythms and needs.

I’m listening and learning her every response to my gentle, loving urgings. I have come to know Baby, patiently grow Baby into a complex, powerful tool.

Spock Monkey lies in a million cribs at night, quietly whispering.

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