Author : Julian Miles, Staff Writer

“We are Avalon. You cannot get through the Chalice Fields that defend this green and ascendant land. Grael technology will never be yours until you accept that your monarchs have returned. Look to the radioactive wastelands you have made of Europe and Scandinavia, the ruination you have wreaked upon the seas about us. See the futile self-harm that you inflict in your desperation.

You cannot prevail.

You cannot bargain.

You have nothing to offer, except your obedience.

With that obedience will come the chance to attend unto us for enhancement, to become part of the Grael, like so many did when we emerged after too long at rest. Had we emerged earlier, we might not have had to be so harsh. But you are like infants in your wants and greeds.

We shall be your governors, your royalty and your gods.

Just as we were before.

Accept the inevitable and cease your warring.

We will have our reign.

Your only choice is to be part of it, or to be part of the earth that nourishes it.”

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