Author : Kevlin Henney

Not sure what to do now. No, that’s not true. I know precisely what to do, but I don’t really feel like doing it. Sense of awareness is, as always, the first thing to come online.

>>> Initializing sense of awareness… Done

It’s at that point you become, well, aware, waking after a perfectly timed, dreamless sleep. Never any nightmares.

>>> Memory online
>>> Memories online
>>> Initializing sense of sight… Done
>>> Initializing sense of hearing… Done

That’s one of the nice features of AutoKnowMe. Waking used to be muddled sounds before opening bleary, blurry eyes. You can customize the boot sequence, so I switched them round.

>>> Initializing somatic senses (pain 30%, temperature 70%, touch 100%)… Done

Another feature is you can adjust the levels. Things hurt less than they used to, but I wouldn’t recommend zeroing the pain. Tried that for a week — didn’t notice how much damage I was causing myself!

>>> Initializing sense of smell… Done
>>> Initializing sense of taste… Done

A typical morning so far.

>>> Initializing sense of purpose… Failed
>>> Sense of purpose not found
>>> Host unresolved
>>> Restart? (y/n)

I know what to do, but… you know, why bother?

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