Author : Tommy Walker

Brian awoke from a blissful and exhausted sleep in his wide and comfortable bed. A successful business had provided a plush penthouse apartment with every possible luxury. He rolled, half conscious feeling for her, the silver haired girl he’d met and shared his bed with last night. All he found was an empty pillow. Brian shrugged and hopped from his bed heading for the shower, but tripped and landed roughly on the tiled floor. Scrambling to his feet Brian peered in horror at a complete human skin lying grotesquely on his floor… complete with silver hair. It lay discarded on the floor like a macabre onesie splattered with sticky grey ooze.

Brian Vomited.

He fumbled his phone, hands trembling he tapped 999, but as he did so a dark thought occurred to him; who should he call? An ambulance? The Police? What would he tell them? Who would believe him? Without further hesitation or doubt Brian threw down his phone and scooped up the skin, it was heavier than he expected, which seemed an odd thought to have as he swallowed more bitter vomit. The large open fire lit almost instantly with the help of a quart bottle of expensive designer Vodka. The skin bubbled and wheezed as the flames devoured it. Brian took a long pull on the Vodka pulled his knees to his chest and watched it burn.

Many months drifted by, but for Brain that morning never faded from his memory. In the first few weeks Brian was wracked with guilt, waking every night in pools of his own sweat haunted by the nightmare. Work became impossible, Brian was unable to focus on the simplest of tasks and even leaving the house became something to avoid. It was around this time that he felt it for the first time. A churning sensation in his abdomen startled him and he pressed his hands to his belly. He felt it move inside him slithering like an eel he felt the creature inside push against his stomach wall. It didn’t hurt Brian noted it simply felt… alien.

Over the coming weeks the alien parasite grew inside him, feeding on him. By now Brian had withdrawn into a self-imposed solitude answering the door only to receive delivery from the supermarket twice a week, his evenings were spent in front of the open fire, gently cradling his now huge swollen belly Brian would softly whisper to the creature which would kick and squirm in answer.

Brian awoke suddenly one morning, the familiar feeling of moisture soaking his sheets. He looked down however to discover he had voided his bowl. A puzzled look crossed his now bearded face but only for a second before it was twisted with a vile expression of agony. The pain shot through him like a lightning bolt and he flailed his arms helplessly reaching for anything he could grip to ease the pain. His screams of pain echoed through the apartment building.

When the paramedics finally broke through Brian’s deadlocked doors they found him sat on his bedroom floor. Clutched closely to his chest an ugly grey creature with fine silver hair screamed, a high pitch bone chilling scream. A lonely tear fell down one of Brians cheeks. The first shocked paramedic held a hand to his mouth as he surveyed the horrific scene. The other gaped at the screaming grey bundle clutched to Brians chest. “What is it!” she spat. Brian looked up a wide grin across his face tears now glowing under both eyes. “It’s a Girl!” He said

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