Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer

“Kraaaxxx, a full report please.”

“This one will be easy sir. Take out their electronic web and they’ll be virtually blind. It’s still in its infancy and these bipeds are extremely dependant on it for everything from news to communication.”

“Excellent. So a couple of well placed hits into their major technological hubs then should do it.”

“Actually sir, if we are to topple their hierarchy quickly then we should really hit their major financial centres first.”

Captain Jjjoooorg rubbed his front pincers together with glee. “Well why didn’t you tell me they were monetarily dependant Kraaaxxx? This will be like taking sulphur nodes from a youngling!”

“So then, proceed in that direction sir?”

“Yes Kraaaxxx, hit their financial centres with a couple good photon blasts. That should disable their world leaders.”

“Right away sir,” answered the gunner as he focused on his targets. And as he keyed the triggers forward he added, “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.”

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