Author : Julian Miles, Staff Writer

Upon a world a lot like our own, amidst ruins of wonders long fallen, there lies a single legible artefact, its surface unblemished by time, with words still clear under the transparent layer that keeps its metallic surface pristine.

Year 0001 U.S.T.
We are The Utopia Society, and we are victorious at last. Every whim that plagued you is either realised or edited from your psyche. Every flaw that made birth such a gamble has been repaired. You are what you can be, you are everything you can be, and you are that from birth.

Year 0011 U.S.T.
We are The Utopia Society, and whatever you need is provided. What you need is tailored for the greatest good. What you will be is chosen early so you can prepare for your productive lifetime without wasted effort. No disappointment, no heartbreak, no peer pressure or emotional burdens. You cannot be guilty, for guilt is a flaw and there are no longer any flaws.

Year 0092 U.S.T.
We are The Utopia Society, and we are done. We were perfect. Too perfect to aspire, too perfect to desire, too perfect to live. We existed flawlessly amidst a flawed universe, and it proved to be an intolerable burden.

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