Author : Rocky Hutson

Opius peeked out from behind a small birch tree. Seeing no sign of his adversary, Burhan, he stepped into the open. He’d only gone a few yards toward the portal when Burhan stepped into the open and pointed at him. Opius knew he had to act fast to avoid Burhan’s imminent attack.

“Stone,” he said, waving his arm to indicate the size and shape. A gray boulder appeared in front of Opius just in time to block the cloud of shrapnel Burhan flung at him.

“A thousand arrows from the sky,” Opius ordered.

Burhan looked up to see a blurred sheet of arrows descending on him. “Armored dome,” he yelled, as a thick silver shell formed over his head, deflecting the arrows.

“I am more clever than you Opius, and I will reach that portal first.” Burhan scanned an oak tree behind his opponent and made a sideways chopping motion with his hand. The trunk of the tree severed as if cut by an invisible saw and the tree began toppling onto Opius.

“Toothpicks,” Opius spoke as he looked up at the falling tree. The oak shuddered and fell to the ground in tiny pieces.

Opius checked the distance to the portal. Roughly thirty yards and he’d be there.

He had only managed to travel a mere ten yards when he heard Burhan bellow.


Opius fell to the ground. He struggled as a thick rope materialized around his ankles. He heard the sound of running and looked up to see his adversary descending on him. Opius grimaced as Burhan lifted his right arm and a gleaming sword appeared in his hand.

His Mind spinning, Opius wielded an invisible knife and slashed at the rope. His legs were now free but Burhan was upon him, chopping down with the sword. Opius rolled but the sword cut a deep gash in his right bicep.

“Shield,” Opius screamed. Relief flooded over him as a newly formed targe blocked Burhan’s second sword strike.

“Crystal case.” A clear crystalline structure rapidly encased Burhan. Opius knew he didn’t have long before Burhan devised an escape, but he might have just enough time to get to the portal. He looked down at his arm and saw blood running from the gash down his forearm and dripping off his fingers.

“Heal,” he said softly. He felt a tingle as the gash closed and sealed and the blood flow stopped. Reaching the door, he pressed the red button. Burhan had gotten out of the case and approached him but there would be no more attacks.

A voice boomed from a box above the door, “Thank you gentlemen, I’d say Molecular Nanite Test Number Three was an unqualified success.

“Sorry about that arm, Tom,” Nathan Burhan said.

The door of the enormous testing room opened and the two men exited together. “It’s all right Nate, just another day’s work at Landry MicroTech.”

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