Author : Wayne Adams

Ralph Church received a bonus today. It was his reward for being the top salesman of the quarter. He was proud of his achievement.

“You ready to hit the road again, Ralph?” His manager Bruce Clark asked.

“You bet,” Ralph answered, “There’s nothing that stirs my juice more than being gung ho on sales.”

“Someday, you’ll have my job,” Bruce said.

“No way. I have to have the freedom of the road.”

“We’ll persuade you.”

“Ok boss, I gotta go.”

Ralph shook hands with Bruce and walked out of the office. He entered the admin section where he heard accolades of “Get’em tiger,” and “You’re the man!”

He stepped out into the hallway and looked in both directions. He checked his watch. It was almost time for the portal to open. He rushed to the janitor’s closet. Any second now. He opened the door and stepped into the darkened closet.

A blue halo of light appeared. Ralph stepped through it. He was in. The light appeared every 14 days. Perfect for him to live 2 separate lives in 2 separate universes.

He checked his watch again. Brenda would be outside waiting for him out in the parking lot with the girls.

He stepped outside and there she was in all her glory. Brenda was beautiful as always with her blonde hair and glowing skin. Just like his other wife.

He rushed to the driver’s side and kissed her with a kiss that could rival any movie.

“Hi handsome,” she said.

“Hey beautiful,” he said, “Daddy’s home. What’s for dinner tonight?”

“Me,” she said with a dreamy look in her eyes, “Oh dinner,” she realized what she had said and hoped the girls didn’t hear her answer, “It’s your favorite. Spaghetti with meat balls.”

“How’s my two good looking daughters,” he asked Brandi twleve and Cindy ten.

“Daddy!” They said in unison.

He stepped into the passenger side and sat down.

“Do you have a dessert planned for tonight?” He coyly asked, looking at the girls hoping they wouldn’t understand.

“Oh for sure,” she said with a wink.

Ralph spent 2 glorious weeks with his family on this side of the portal. One morning he was dressing in the bedroom. Brenda was in bed watching him.

“My man,” she cooed softly.

Ralph smiled at her. He was the luckiest man in both universes.

“Do you have to go poopsie?” she asked with a purr.”

“Duty calls my sweets,” He said, thinking of his other wife Sarah in the alternate universe.

“I’ll be waiting for you,” she said.

“Time to go beautiful.”

He crawled on the bed and planted a huge kiss on her. If a microphone had been nearby it would have rattled the windows.

Ralph entered the company office and once again he was a celebrity with the staff. He said goodbye to his boss and walked out into the hallway. He looked at this watch. Almost time. No one was around. He opened the janitor’s closet. There it was. The blue light. He closed the door and stepped into the light. Seconds later he was in the alternate Earth.

He knew that outside, in the parking lot, Sarah and the girls would be waiting for him with open arms.

He didn’t think life could get any better than this.

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