Author : Christos Tsirimokos

You would think living in paradise is easy.

And it is, physically, since our creations provide for everything.

But mentally? Have you tried to keep sane when you have nothing interesting to do?

Even the most extreme experiences can become trite given time and we have all the time in the universe to try everything. It’s not like we can die from disease or accident anymore, so why not?

I’ve seen most of my friends get more and more bored as time passed. Someone found it a good idea to die and not come back. He started a trend. I’m not the only living person yet, but I know us all by name.

Truth is I don’t know how long this situation will keep me interested. I have already made my decision to follow everyone else and I keep smiling these days, not from insanity, nor from relief, but the irony.

Who would have thought that humanity would end not in some terrible disaster but in utter boredom?

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