Author : Julian Miles, Staff Writer

*** Welcome to ThoughtWrite
*** Property of MSi
*** v0.1 BETA
*** 19-4-2043

So this is the new write-as-you-think softwa-
Blimey! It picked up on that oh my god…


Phew! It can’t pick up images. That’s a relief. This is going to be difficult, if it can’t distinguish between my casual thinking and the stuff I want to write…

It was a cold and stormy night –

No, that’s too cliché. Oh, for pity’s sake. It picks up every word. And how do I punctuate? Or paragraph break? It’s not like I have a command langua-

Just a moment. This is handling topic and paragraph breaks. How on – I thought this capability was decades away… Which means that – What was that?

*** You’re very good. But a little late. That faint popping sensation was an aortic valve. And as the light at the end of the tunnel comes up, we’ll be rifling your memories. If you can’t catch a techie, lure him in. Goodnight, sweet prince.

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