Author : Beck Dacus

“I’m here, Vickers,” Ricky said, walking in to the wire-filled room, setting down his backpack and collapsing into the chair in front of the monitor. “I got the guy. What was his name?”

“Irwin Farlow,” Vickers said from upstairs. “You captured his mind, how do you not know his name?”

“I don’t bother myself with those details. Now are you gonna interrogate him, or what?”

Vickers grunted, and Ricky could hear his footsteps approaching the stairs. When he had come down, he told Ricky to, “Put it in.”

Ricky extracted a hard drive from one of his many backpack pockets, and put it into the system unit. The computer, immediately, and somewhat instinctively, started to read the contents. The progress bar was soon replaced by a message saying, “Running program….”

“Wha…” said the computer. “Where the hell am I?”

“What’s the password?”


“What is the password to the vault?”

“What the hell are you talking about? Who are you?”

“I didn’t bring you here to ask questions! Now tell me the password, or I’ll delete you!”

“Delete me? What do you mean? Kill me?”

“Yeah, I guess. Now, I answered you. Return the favor, and tell me the damn password!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! How do you delete me!?”

“Fine! You’re not Irwin Farlow, you’re a copy of his brain! We’re interrogating you and not him so that if you don’t GIVE US ANSWERS, we can kill you and have another to further interrogate. Now, do you want to cooperate?”

“I… uhh… um… th-they told m-me n-n-not to tell any-anyone! Please! DON’T KILL ME!”

“Just tell us, and we won’t.”

“I can’t! They’ll kill me, some form of me, if I do! PLEASE!”

“That’s a no, Ricky. Delete him.”

“OH GO–” The computer went silent, and a message stated, “Restarting program….”

Frantic gasping came out of the speakers next.

“You… monster.”

“Good. You saw what happened to the last guy. Now. Will you tell us or not?”

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