Author : Alana Pasternak

Hello out there! Congratulations for surviving this long!

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve found a device with this app on it – either one of the devices we’ve left lying around to be picked up, or one of the devices that was epoxied down, from which you can download this app onto your own device. I hope you found one of the solar-powered chargers that were left by all of those.

I’m the one who set this up, with some help from my router-placing and hardware-scavenging friend.

This is like the internet. Except its range is only twenty-five kilometers in diameter. And instead of googling things, there’s a menu with ten ‘websites.’ And I’m the only one who can post new websites. And it’s only up for an hour and a half a day, because generating electricity during a zombie apocalypse is hard.

It’s a work in progress.

The ‘websites,’ including this one, are all programs I wrote myself. As you can see, there’s ten of them. They’re all labelled, but this will go into depth more:

This one is for me to post things. You can reply to it if you wish to speak to me personally. Some of it will be useful information, but most of it will just be me writing about my day because I’m bored.

The first five sites below it are for information. The first is for posting information about zombies, the second for positing medical information, the third for posting information about getting food that wasn’t made before the apocalypse (via hunting, fishing, farming, etc), the fourth is for information on where things are (zombie hoards, goods, etc) and the fifth is for general information, including survival tips like how to make shelters and build fires. Please post whatever information you think might be helpful for other survivors. The more people alive, the better chance humanity has for surviving. Also, please fact-check others. There’s a function to have a discussion directly to the side of postings, discussions anyone can enlarge and read, by clicking on it. If you think something’s inaccurate, please have a discussion with the poster, then get them to edit the original post, if it’s wrong. Don’t just post something new, because then the old post will be misleading.

The next program is for finding people. Go to that site and type your name into a comment once a week, along with the city and neighborhood you used to live in (to avoid confusion) to let relatives know you’re alive. Do not write the names of the people you’re looking for, because someone may find them and hold them for ransom. Again, you can have a discussion to the side of the postings.

But please keep the bulk of conversation to the next site: the discussion site. There are a few threads there. Type into any one of them, and wait for a reply. In that one, replies are vertical, like they used to be on youtube.

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, is the download site. On that site, you can download music and books onto your device. This is REALLY important, since these will give you entertainment even after you leave the zone, which can help you maintain your mental health. Remember not to use them at night if you’re outside, as the light from your device can attract zombies. I apologize that there are no tv shows or movies, but videos take up a lot of data.

If you are going to post, please identify yourself before posting anything. There’s no function to automatically name you, so you’ll have to type your name, or codename, in every comment.